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  1. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    haven't taken a pic of the family for a while, so here it is as it stands today... I am quite proud and happy with these guys...
    1. Fender American Deluxe Jazz 5
    2. Zon Sonus Special Fretless 5
    3. Ned Steinberger Design CR 4 EUB
    4. Nordstrand Access Bass Model 5
    5. F Bass BN5 Ceruse 5

    bass wise, I can't say there is anything I am GASing for.. we'll see how long THAT lasts....

  2. Sure would like one of those NS designs....thems is sweet.


    Aug 13, 2003
    Sulphur LA
    Nice things abound in your house! :D
  4. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    Trip-Dawg, that Zon was inspired by you, my man.
    Thank ye.
  5. hyperlitem

    hyperlitem Guest

    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    only the steinberger has the right amount of strings :D
  6. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    Nice stable, amigo. :cool:
  7. Bass7755

    Bass7755 Supporting Member

    Oct 27, 2000
    Roanoke, Va.
    Nice family! :hyper:

  8. oversoul

    oversoul fretless by fate

    Feb 16, 2004
    Nordstrand = galopant GAS :eek:
  9. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    sweet adrian. that maple board f bass is da b0mb :)
  10. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Nice Nordstrand. Shape is kind of similiar to Elricks?
  11. basses reclining on couch.

    the TB standard!

    nice posse!

    We be dancin' good!
    (Whom a ninny? Him? Him a ninny! Hah!
    Whom a ninny? You'm a ninny! Haw!)
    Wit de dancin' skill,
    Wit de nakkin' on, LAWD!

  12. Very nice selection! I've often thought about whether I should get basses from different luthiers rather than getting them all from Hanewinckel. I've never played any that I like better though. :D

    - Dave

    MAJOR METAL HARVESTER OF SORROW Staff Member Supporting Member

    Congrads on such a nice family bro, any more on the way ;)
  14. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile
    Stunning Adrian!!!!

    of all things... That Fender is a looker! (they all look good actually)
  15. How much do those NS design EUB's go for new?

    *wants one really bad*
  16. NS Double Bass CR Series EU Series

    4-String CR4BASS $2800

    CR4MBASS $3200

    CR4TBASS $3200

    5-String CR5BASS $3200 EU5BASS $5200

    CR5MBASS $3600

    CR5TBASS $3400

    6-String EU6BASS $5200

  17. OMG!!

    i envy you, you have some of the nicest basses i have seen yet!
  18. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Supporting Member

    You have owned and currently own amazing basses!

    I envy the fact that you've auditioned so many instruments at length, at your own gigs/rehearsals and with your own gear. I now have five fivers plus one on the way (nice ones, I think) but I'm at the point where I can't take any more in unless I sell some, and I don't currently want to sell any, so I'm just going to have to try my best to remain incurious. :(
  19. Fretless5verfan

    Fretless5verfan Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2002
    Four words, RI-DIC-U-LOUS. Kickass collection bro.
  20. dragonbass

    dragonbass Commercial User

    Feb 17, 2003
    Owner/Builder of LoPrinzi Basses.........................................EX-Sadowsky Guitars Builder

    Nice collection you got there!

    Only one problem......................

    Where's a nice 4 string?

    I know all the fives you have can probable handle it......but haven't you ever had an act call and tell you to only bring a 4 string?

    Come on you know you want one!