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For Sale New Fender American Elite Precision loaded body.

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Cutter8, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Admittedly in need of adult supervision... Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    New Fender American Elite Precision Bass loaded body.

    I decided not to finish the build I had been working on. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who, like me, is a fan of the Precision body style and wants an Elite P/J, but wants to put a Jazz-width neck on it. I saved a ton of money by putting this together with parts that I purchased over time, one by one, waiting until I found great deals on each component I needed. All of the parts, without exception, are new, authentic Fender, and correct for the American Elite Precision model, as listed below.
    • 2018 Fender American Elite Precision body
    • 2016 Fender American Elite Precision pickguard assembly, consisting of:
      • Fender American Elite Precision Bass Preamp PCB Assy 7708253000
      • Fender Pure Vintage ’63 Dual Coil Neck Pickup
      • Fender Gen4 Noiseless Single Coil Bridge Pickup
      • Fender 6.3 Output Jack
      • Fender Chrome Football Recessed Jack Plate
      • Fender Knurled Aluminum Chrome Control Knobs (2 flat top and 2 stacked)
    • 2019 Fender American Standard Big Block High Mass Vintage Chrome Bridge with Titanium Saddles
    • 2019 Fender American Elite 5-Bolt Contoured Heel Neck Plate with Fender Oval Head Chrome Neck Mounting Screws
    • Fender/Schaller American Series Chrome Locking Strap Buttons
    Every square millimeter of the pickup and control cavities have been fully copper shielded. Loaded body weighs less than 6.5lb.

    So, get this loaded body, pop a neck on it, and you've got yourself a new Elite that will be a world-class bargain when you consider American Elite Precisions are selling for $1,999 from Sweetwater, Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, etc. I have an aftermarket Maple/Rosewood blocked and bound Jazz neck available that I will include for just an additional $65 (see second post in this thread for details and pics). The bare neck alone weighs under 2.5lb. The loaded body and the neck together weigh less than 9lb.

    $730 shipped CONUS ($795 with neck). (Note to TB’ers outside the US: I have corporate accounts with UPS, FedEx, DHL and a couple of international freight forwarders, so I get significantly discounted rates and do not mind shipping internationally, but the cost would obviously be a little higher.)

    I'm willing to consider straight or partial trades (see notes at bottom of post, after the pics) and +/- cash in either direction could be OK, as needed to make a deal fair to both parties.

    Thanks for looking!

    *Please note that what looks like scratches on the pickguard and battery compartment cover in a couple of spots are actually just scuffs on the protective plastic covering, which has not been removed.
    C8B374D2-0B27-472E-9CFA-994036573535. 5CA85710-CB0E-49A2-9FF7-65F5FE6D3335. F7CE33CF-4502-4D5D-976D-FA9245D27F9A. 89D9C870-C030-4BD7-925C-5914302FC1AB. 30D512E6-CBEE-4D2A-B3F5-19A4F905AD39. F9404DEE-659E-4B27-BECB-CB6AA50A9F95. 0D381393-CD9F-4C90-ADCD-A176A999600C. E37AE546-2354-4065-BD32-8B80E21B00F3. EAFB376F-F616-4278-B244-F7B8DDB44DD1. 52EAA340-8922-47D5-A819-AACEAAFE3A36. 8DB66C13-3D73-4853-B9A7-585AE49CFD51. 89194B92-C5F4-40DB-B795-67D24BEC829C. 09DFA8E0-565B-485D-8E85-FBAE265B0384. F529746A-050A-4614-9ECA-09620AF7BC1F. C363C93B-9706-4FF4-9516-1AD203144262. C96C1034-2C5A-4D3C-A974-3409C5287BD8. 1873193A-5E56-428F-831D-F88C69CDF634. 155D8D30-CBA4-4521-ACF2-6072F5BB6826. DD99220F-77EC-4757-A448-66506B2DDD4A.
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  2. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Admittedly in need of adult supervision... Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    This Jazz width neck was made by an unknown manufacturer, but it is very nice quality and checks out as dead level with a luthier’s notched straight edge. The fingerboard is a good looking slab of rosewood, the block inlay work is precise, and the fretwork is quite well done. The width needs to be shaved/sanded down approximately .030” to fit the neck pocket of the American Elite body perfectly. The neck weighs less than 2.5lb.

    Specific measurements:
    1.5” width at the nut
    2.2” width at the 12th fret
    2.525” width at the 21st fret
    0.8” depth at 1st fret
    1.05” depth where neck joins body

    47B97322-3A56-473F-BF04-ADD32220E1DF. E770CDF5-4819-4D9C-8C94-A18DFF0785FC. 34B2725F-DF3B-4AA0-8BAA-A398BDDEABD7. 90284497-DEB3-4565-8A2C-09E24932C00B. AD65D1C8-1560-46D7-BF73-534F4CEA232D. 64D82554-DFB6-4CDF-830C-1BBAB7F768A4. 146CD2FF-068A-467F-80D3-6CCE4D231C18. D2C8C185-1CBA-4E7D-A0A0-9876A21DAE09. DF2DDF1C-2D41-41A2-BB4E-A8D4EB325ACB. A674BC61-9E1A-4477-8AED-48208150584C. 054A8FE3-90EF-4EBB-8862-0EA1A4634CE7. 8677DD56-9FBD-456E-8468-30EE329A1A65. 9A0B04DF-6E40-4A11-9C30-6429F8BA4EB8. 4A952FEC-BEB5-48D5-9FAB-0D9E996D09F9. A5EA9C3D-E186-49AC-AC81-2DDEF865EA37. 6FB39BDF-B8D2-4572-B7E0-F1ACED89F279. 7F336E6A-1250-40A0-85AA-83FA46F0CD8C.

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