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New Fender Bassman 100 amps, tried one?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassdr, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. Greetings talk bass folks. Anyone tried the new Fender bassman amps? I tried one at the music store today and bought it. Compared to the others I tried, SWR workingmans 12, Peavey Dynabass, Peavey combos, this amp sounded better to me than those. The SWR was sweet too, the 15 and tweeter on the bassman sounded better on the low end. This new bassman series has tons of features I had been looking for. AND, it came in $100 less than the SWR. If you're looking for a new 100 watt range combo check one out. They sound great!
  2. bass4god


    Jan 1, 2001
    I tried all the BASSMAN Series amps. They are a big improvment over the combo line they are replacing. The one above yours is smooth as butter..

    My BX100 Crate 100 with the 15" JBL (I guess Crate lost the contract with JBL) gave me 6 years of service before it died two weeks ago. I opted for the SWR WM-10 over the 100 Watt BASSMAN and the NEW Crate because I'm kinda of attached to my back. The WM-10 puts out a 100 watts when you add an
    ext cab to it and it only ways 31 pounds.

    Enjoy your new amp...

  3. I loved the SWR also, big fat tone. The comparably priced amp had a 12" instead of a 15". Don't really know if there is a difference but the 15" in the Fender carried the lows of the 5-string better, but that's to MY ear. You say potato, I say spud.

    So, you a church player or do you have a band?
  4. bass4god


    Jan 1, 2001
    Both sort of... I moved 50 miles from the Calvary Chapel I was attending but I am still part of the Worship Team when I am there. They have left a channel reserved on the board for me. I am in two Christian Bands. REGENERATION is a spin off of the Calvary worship team and we play comtemporary stuff (Susan Ashton, Out of the Grey, etc...) and the other group I just started with is a Christian Blues group which I really like. I kinda get to be a little more creative in my lines as long as I stay in the pocket with the blues group. I Also have a female cousin that is a Jazz/RB artist that I do all of her studio basswork. I like the diffrent type of music I play. The XLR out on the SWR should come in handy. The one on the Crate never seem to work right so I bought the Sans Amp Bass Driver DI (very, very, very cool must have device) to record with.

    And you......
  5. Used to try and make a living doing the christian music gig. Had a band called "Zeal" in the late 80's, opening for other people, Petra etc. then we were offered the job of being Margaret Becker's band, which we did. I left after only a few gigs for a job at Cincinati Bible College. Had a few bands there and did the bar band thing to make cash. The rest of Zeal went on for a few years with MB on tour opening for Michael W. That was 1988. Since then have played at church, in worship bands mainly. Then went to medical school, didn't play much for four years. Getting back into it lately, we'll see what happens. I would love to do the blues band thing, sounds like fun. I played the bassman tonight at practice with my G&L L-2500, really fat on the 5th string. XLR out actually works, has a level adjustment and an effects defeat to run it flat. Sweet amp for $529



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