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  1. Has anyone seen or played the new Fender pbass five string? I just went to their site and saw it and it looked really kool. It's not the squire pbass five string but the new Fender. If anyone has played one yet I would really like to hear about it because I am very interested in it. I was saving up to buy a Stingray 5 and I was wondering how this bass compares to it. Thanx~ Marty
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    Dec 10, 2000
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    I played it in the store and it sounds great with the active electronics, controls and string through body bridge its great, but I myself just really was'nt into it(I liked the Jazz version better). It's a great bass but its not a Stingray 5 by any standard.
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    I've played one with a rosewood fingerboard and one with maple.

    The rosewood one's B string was like the Jazz 5, floppy. The neck is of course a bit chunkier.

    The maple board one had a noticeably tighter B.

    These are versatile basses, a lot of tonal variety, but IMHO are not a match for the Stingray 5.

    But if you are looking for P bass sound with the added flexibility of a bridge humbucker, of course the 'Ray doesn't offer that, and this is the best option out there, other than maybe a G&L L2500.