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  1. Over last weekend I went to my local SamAsh to get another set of strings for my 5 string Yamaha.(the highbeams I put on a month and ahalf ago dropped dead, but this is another story for the string thread) Anyway, hanging on the wall I spied that new Sting P-bass; it's a pretty good looking copy of his '53 P-bass that Fender just came out with as a limited run. I tried it, and I liked it. Since it's a copy of a '53 P-bass, it's got that straight, short single coil pickup a little closer to the neck than a regular P-bass. My question is: does anyone know if this axe sounds close to the real McCoy? An old friend of mine had a Pre-CBS '65 that sounded unbelievable, and while this Sting bass sounds good, I've never played an early 50s P-bass, so I don't have anything to judge it against. I was thinking of getting one cause I'm going through this retro phase.

    Mike J.
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    Can't speak for an original early/mid 50s P-Bass. I've never had the priviledge of playing one. I have played a lot of P-Basses beginning with my old '62 (original, not RI).

    I like this bass enough to buy one. The quality was excellant. The playability was very good, but, I'm used to "C" neck P's. I had quit playing them for a long time, but this one was very comfortable. The sound was really nice. It was definitely "P" but enough different from my AmStd P that I felt I could find a place for it in my playing.

    I have gigged with it twice and I'm completely satisfied with this bass.

    You have to make the decision for yourself. You are the one that has to like it. Not me, not anyone else out here. If YOU like, buy it and play it. If not, pass and let someone else who will appreciate it buy it.

    Good luck!