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  1. Maxon has re-released the fabled AF-9 auto-filter. Whether or not this thing is truly a Mutron *clone* like all the hype states I dunno....but it is Opto-coupler powered! Not sure about that hefty price tag...You can by a vintage one for about the same I think??


    "The AF9 Auto Filter takes the most desirable auto-wah and swept filter effects and offers them up in a compact, user-friendly package. Opto-coupler circuitry produces the shimmering, watery filtering of legendary vintage units. Threshold and Peak sliders control the degree of effect; while Range and Drive switches determine range and direction of the filter sweep. Three selectable filter types (Low Pass, Band Pass, and Hi Pass) and a frequency range of 100 Hz - 4 kHz allow the AF9 to function with virtually any instrument or input signal."
  2. I was just about to post about that, it's actually a reissue of the older Ibanez Auto Filter when Ibanez had Maxon doing their effects... Which was a choice filter for the bass from what I hear.
  3. ...and only $184 on sale from AMS :p
  4. Is that a good price? You can buy a real mutron for only a little more...
  5. "Opto-coupler powered!"

    Does this mean that I could power this with a Boss TU-2?

    If these things (I heard they were originally) capable of creating the range of the Mu-Tron I would soooooo dig having one. Especially if the above is true. Are they 9 volt?
  6. Nope...means that it has an optical circuit that tracks the envelope; ultra smooth. Most EV filters don't come any where close to the smooth-ness of a Mutron III but I would guess with the right circuitry...??? This box has got to sound wicked.
  7. That thing looks neat-o! If it's smaller than my III+ and it sounds better than my III+, then maybe it's worth looking into.
    Thanks a lot for turning me into a complete filter junky, guys... :rolleyes: :D
  8. all starts innocently enought with peer pressure, then next thing you know you're accepting sound samples from dealers... and then you're selling your baby for a fix. Do not pitty us we're already dead. :rolleyes: :D
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    Dec 11, 1999
    It's true bypass which may or may not interest you.
  10. Ok, so does anyone remember the difference between the AF201 and the AF9? There is one I is supposedly better than the other.

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    Dec 13, 1999
    I still have my old Ibanez that I bought 20 years ago around somewhere, it ran on two 9 volts... sounded good back then.....I'll have to go dig through my old toy box.....I can't even remember why I stopped using it:confused: Maybe because I was going broke on batteries or something;)