New free bass! Kamen GTX 53 Precision jazz ... pickup and electronics replacement ideas?

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  1. Eedwards7891


    Dec 11, 2017
    i was given a bass by a friend. It’s a “Karen GTX 53”, 24 fret precision jazz type bass. The neck looks maple, I’m not sure about the body .

    All in all, I want to run this as a backup . The wiring and pots crackle badly when turning the dials (which seem to be precision volume/jazz volume/ tone control).

    I’m inexperienced when it comes to swapping pickups and wiring . I’m familiar with the process , and have looked at doing it with other basses .

    My question is : how do I select the right pickups that are compatible with this bass? Ideally, I would like something passive , but am not afraid of going active . I have considered the GZR passive pj set, and the emg passive pj set.

    I’m playing this bass in drop a tuning . I’m running kalium hybrids at 135/115/95/85. I will play this through a decent amount of drive (DOD 250 and Joyo Ultimate ) into an ampeg svt7 and 810e.

    The pic I included is a picture of the type of bass I have , since I’m not at home and haven’t taken pictures yet .

    any and all suggestions or help are appreciated !

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