New Fretless Bass!!! WooHoo!

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  1. Hi all, I just bought a used Pedulla Thunderbass 5 string fretless, totally awesome :D Its hard to believe how stable the bass is. (actually all the basses I tried in that price ranges were very stable) It makes my old electric feel like playing a Yugo in need of a front end alignment!

    My primary reason for posting, besides bragging, is to relay my experience. I have been playing fretless for around 5-6 years. I have a Fretless Jazz (MIJ) and a Fretless Epiphone El Capitan, both unlined. So anyway I find this Pedulla and absolutely love it, except that it has fret after thinking a bit I realized the only reason not to get it would be because the lines would mess with my ego :eek: After playing it for a few days I will have to say that its harder than my unlined basses, partly because Im not used to seeing anything on the fretboard and partly because old songs that I have written sound different........HaHa. Ive read alot of threads about the line\unlined debate, my take? Lined is harder, but actually better, why? cause you can play notes out of tune accuratly......:p

    Seriously though, I can say that I have stayed away from areas of the fretboard just because its harder than hell to get the intonation, with a lined board its less intimidating. You still have to use the old ear, unless all your finger tips are the same size :)
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    Jul 4, 2001
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    you scared me for a minute there, friend-
    I thought maybe I had a pseudonym and was posting schizophrenically...
    fortunately there are a few small details that differ in our profiles, so I'm pretty sure we're separate individuals...

    I just got a used Pedulla Pentabuzz (1st tipoff...).
    Fretlines are about the only thing I'm not crazy about on the bass. I also use a Carvin RL1000 head and would list Rush, Minutemen, & primus as 'influences'. Just saw Mike Watt last week in fact...
    We're about the same age, and I play in a 2 pc drum/bass setup presently too...
    but I digress...

    Is your board diamondkoted? Ebony? What's the finish on the bass? These Pedulla's are awesome!
    have fun.
    fellow Peduller,
    mark c
  3. Wow, thats too wierd :) Did you have a guitarist that quit due to musical objection? Thats cool you jamming with a drummer. We are trying to write music for bass and drums, alot of "Meat & Cheese". So far we have thickened the sound via both of us singing through dual "Helicons". So far so good :) No blaring guitar wanking :)

    My bass, its got an ebony fretboard, I believe it has the polyester coating, its hard but not as glassy as the MVP. Its got a wood finish with an cocabola (spelling) top on the body. Yes these basses are spectacular! I tried a lakeland and a spector and liked the Pedulla the best. It was alot easier to play. The lakeland was nice but it was a little neck heavey. The Spector was nice too, but it sounded like my Jazz. I was looking for a tighter\brighter sound.

    So small world, what sort of flavor is the music you are doing with the drummer?

    Oh, BTW, my name is Marc :)
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    Jul 4, 2001
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    I was going to jokingly say, "Your name isn't Mark, is it?" Sunds like a great bass. Guess which brand I chose my Pedulla over? Starts with "L", ends w/ "akland". spooky

    I don't sing, and my drummer won't sing while drumming; he says it's too "phil collins/don henley".
    I'm trying to talk him into it tho.
    We've been recording together for about 6 years, and we rotate instruments, I think it helps that we both drum. We have lost a guitarist under those conditions in the past. We're about to start working with a guy from NY, try to get an actual band going. It'll be the first time either of us has stuck to one particular instrument only. But we'll still be doing our duo approach in the studio.

    We've been doing some polyrhythmic rock type stuff; I wish I could claim it was jazzy, but I'm not really that accomplished... it is quite fun though.

    Tight and bright is right! I'm using nylon tapewounds on my other fretli, except for the GT7. The roundwounds sound great, but I'm having to get used to the friction factor again. They sure cut thru the wall of sound though! I still can't believe the bridge PU tone on this thing. Phenomenal! I can't wait to record with it. Our jam the other night was the closest I've gotten to my ultimate imagined tone; I need a better amp rig, working on that presently. Can't wait to hear it thru an appropriate cab!

    Got pics of yours?
    nice to know you...
    the other mark
  5. The lakeland was nice, but again it was neck heavey, also it just did not look like as much bass as the pedulla.

    There is one disadvantage to having the drummer have a vocal mic behind the drums, gets a little interesting trying to minimize the overlap of the drums. We are doing an interesting thing in the fact that I am playing the role of metal guitarist with a healthy serving of funk bass? Basically I play funky stuff with lots of distortion and go for the cheesy 80's metal transistions and chorus's, its alot of fun. Thats cool that your drummer and you switch instruments! I would like to play the drums, but, its, you know, difficult :)

    I dont have an actual pic of my bass but here is one from the web that is excactly like mine.

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    Jul 4, 2001
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  7. embellisher

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    dismal_g, congrats on the new bass and welcome to Talkbass.

    Pedullas are indeed sweet, I love my Rapture J2 5 stringer, and almost bought a PentaBuzz until I played a Zon fretless.

    Even though my Pedulla isn't fretless, I'll share some pics of it anyway.:p

  8. xush, thanks for the compliment on the artwork! I only wish I was as good at playing bass as I am at drawing.

    Looks like you have a few kewl basses. I have 3 basses now and am not a real bass "hound" but for some reason Im starting to get "GAS"? BTW, whats that stand for? Im thinking this board has something to do with it :eek: I like the finnish on your Pentabuzz.

    Embellisher (dig your name) cool bass! Its funny, I dont have anything against fretted basses, other than I have a harder time playing them :) I keep looking at the Zon's, I have never played one but they sure are beautiful!

    Oh, BTW, I got my pedulla from Bass NW last week, of all the basses I play they in fact were all "clear and punchy" :) It was truley amazing, clear and punchy yet infering a grand piano :)
  9. xush


    Jul 4, 2001
    mobile AL
    heh, Marc, GAS is something you can strive to avoid- but it's tough...
    Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
    Must buy more...

    I'm trying to balance mine by selling to offset the buying, but it never really seems to reach equilibrium.