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New Fretless Fender/Warmoth!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Megalomania, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Heres my new bass- a MIM fender body with a Goncalo Alves neck/Ebony fingerboard made by Warmoth. The action is great, and it sounds decent for stock MIM electronics. I plan on changing out the pickups for some fralins soon. It has a Hipshot bridge, Schaller tuners, and the strings are D'addario Chromes. Of course, here are the pics:


    Back of the neck
  2. bring back the fretless P!
    lovely GA neck..the ebony compliments the body colour.
  3. love it!
  4. Slap a black pickguard on there and you're in business.

    Looks great with that neck.
  5. First class, all the way. Nice job.

    Tell us how the neck plays (lack of dead spots, neck dive, weight, etc).
  6. Thanks for the compliments!

    The neck is wonderful. There's no finish, so it plays really fast. There is a bit of a neck dive, but nothing a decent strap can't take care of. The fingerboard is immaculate, not a dead spot on the neck.

    I also ordered black knobs in addition to the black neck plate and strap holders, but I guess I ordered the wrong size (3/4 instead of 11/16?). No loss, I dig the look without them.
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