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  1. Hi, I'm Louis.

    I've used the forums quite a bit in the past but decided it was time to join. Thanks for providing such a huge resource.

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia and very new to bass, two months new in fact. I'm a little overwhelmed by how much I have to learn but excited too!

    I've been playing in my girlfriend's blues trio recently. She's a great writer and it's been a great learning experience playing out. Lots of fun.

    Looking forward to sharing this amazing community with you.

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  2. Welcome. Two month and playing out - great! Playing with other humans force us to learn all the good things. Plus it is fun. Again welcome to the bottom end.
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    Oct 15, 2011
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  4. Yeah it's the best way to learn and get motivated to learn more! I'm very lucky.

    Thanks for the welcome!
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    Cheers, mate!

    Welcome (officially) to the forum, & do enjoy your journey! Looking forward to seeing you around here :)

    - (another) Louis
    Seattle, WA
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    Pbassmanca In the pocket n' thumpy. So woody, so greasy...

    Rock and roll , brotha! Enjoy the behemoth that is TalkBass!

    ~From Ontario, Canada
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome all!

    By the way I am doing the lessons and they're really good. Excercises are great too... Any other critical resources you would recommend or just keep playing?

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    if you're looking for a good book to work through (or 3 in 1 in this case), i can vouch for this particular trilogy ... many here have positive reviews of it as well. There's even an ongoing thread about it that I'll see if i can find.

    Hal Leonard Bass Method - Complete Edition: Books 1, 2 and 3 Bound Together in One Easy-to-Use Volume!

    Edit: Here's the thread > The Hal Leonard Bass Method thread
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  9. Thanks for the info! I'll check it out.

    Have to say, the lessons and especially the exercises on study bass have been awesome, getting better every day!

    It's hard changing the habits I've got on the songs I already know but I'm getting there.

    Played last night and playing Sunday too. Enjoying the ride
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  10. MCF


    Sep 1, 2014
    Welcome! I am a huge Australia fan! My boyhood hero was miler Herb Elliott. I love Aussie artists including The Saints, Paul Kelly, Midnight Oil and Courtney Barnett, just to name a few of the hundreds of talented artists who have made waves around the world. For such a relatively small country, population wise, the talent pool is incredible. I watch the Aussie TV shows made available here in the states by Hulu and Acorn TV. Sea Patrol is one of my favorites. We have nothing like it here.

    You've chosen to take up a wonderful instrument that will bring you a lifetime of joy.
  11. So just a little update...

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes I really appreciate it

    So my gf and I broke up so no longer playing in that band, was pretty devastated at first, however transitioning towards seeing it as an opportunity to decide what I really really want to be playing.

    I guess the most daunting thing is now I don't have the comfort of a patient person teaching me their songs. I've agreed to play a couple shows in a friend's punk band for fun and experience. It's pretty simple stuff but struggling a little with the speed and hearing the bass line in punk tunes. Distorted mixes make it a challenge. Sure I'll get there just so paranoid about people cracking it at how long it takes me to learn...

    Any advice on this? Other than just practice haha. Which I am doing
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    Canada, Eh!
    Hi! You mentioned 'critical resources'... The two that come to mind are

    1) always try to stay "in the deep end", find people to play with who are more experienced, listen and learn from them as you play. If you are the top player in your group, its time to move on to a new group... At least til you get to be a journeyman!

    2) listen to all kinds of music... Theres a universe of culture out there, try and hear something new every week. At least plan to learn one traditional song from every country in the world...

    3) did i say two? No, the most important resource is your EARS. Active listening should be cultivated... Its real easy to fool yourself and hear things wrong. Listen to a phrase, sing it back to yourself, then listen again, check it... Did you hear what's there, or just what you wanted to hear? Check it again! Sing it again... Our brains are EXTREMELY GOOD at creatively filling in the blanks when we really didnt pay attention and hear everything that was really there! A little recorder is very helpful.

    Listen, listen, listen... And sing ( or carefully hum, at least) and check what you hear. Wait til you can clearly hear it in your head BEFORE you play the notes on any physical instrument. Keep that up and before long your ears will grow right into your fingertips and your fingers will just play what they hear.

    Did I mention its all about the HEARING ? HEAR FIRST, PLAY LATER.

    Incidentally, those muddy punk mixes are good training. Just work out 'what sounds right' over that mud, listen for it, sing-listen-rinse-and-repeat, and then pick up your bass and play what you heard. Might not be exactly whats buried in the mud, but then again it quite possibly could be an improvement....

    PS apologies in advance if I'm rambling
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  13. Not rambling at all thanks for the reply.
    Definitely focusing on critical listening!

    I am really in quite an intense transition period. My ex was so entangled with music for me I'm having to figure out my whole world and deal with the resentment.

    It's a process but finding a lot of positives now.
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  14. Ed Friedland is a member on this site, in fact if you say his name 3 times, he will drop in and say hi.

    Welcome to the forum @lpeake, there are a few Australians here, and it's always good to have more.
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