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New G-Bass....Merry Christmas to me!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MarkM, Nov 10, 2000.

  1. MarkM


    Feb 25, 2000
    Well I bought a new G-Bass yesterday. I had 'borrowed' it for about a week and have worn all the skin off of my fingers playing it!

    Unless I win the lottery this will take the place of the Cirrus and Axcelerator 6 Strings that I was looking at. While I like the flexibility that the 6 strings offer, especially with the gig I play, the G-Bass has a great feel and great sound.

    I have an American Made Fury that I bought several years ago, I like it very well. The G-Bass has the same neck and it is no effort to switch over.

    Maybe it has a lot to with 'fresh' strings, since the Fury needs a new set in a bad way. But the "G" has a wonderful sound.

    The pickup is very sensitive! The sustain is also great!

    The pre-amp is new to me so I will have a while to learn how this plays out. I almost deafened myself the first time I plugged up to a big amp. I turned up, out of habit, to the normal 3/4 up on the volume pot and WOW was it hot!

    The 3 pot Eq is very sensitive, you can really tune the tones in or out. I am still fiddling with these to see where I like it.

    Overall for a 4 string this is a flexible bass!

    It is the Black HoloFlake! Along with the composite neck, this is one cool looking Axe!! Really cool for an old guy like me! :) It took a while for the color to grow on me. But I am starting to like it. While the flakes look like glitter in the paint, it does the holograph thing and changes to the same colors as the light angle changes.

    The quality is normal great Peavey quality. No sharp edges on the frets. The thing is seamless all over. (there is no pick guard on the front) All the hardware is top quality.

    I have two major stores for this area. They both handle Fender. This store, where I shop, has Ibanez also. I have played all three brands, new. I have also tried most of the used stuff they get in. I am very happy with the Peavey. Although I have played some Fenders that I really like also. I have the luxury of taking any of these basses home for a few days to really give them a workout!

    I am typing this with a massive grin and sore fingers!!! :)


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