New Gallien-Krueger MB212-II, floor model Rumble 500, or other choices

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by patrick2099, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. patrick2099


    Feb 2, 2018
    After playing guitar for a long time, I finally decided to get a bass (big thanks to everyone on here for the help with that). Now, I'm looking for a good amp to go with it, that won't leave me feeling as though I need to upgrade it in a year or two.

    After doing some research, I've really narrowed it down to to choices (but am open to other suggestions):

    Gallien-Krueger MB212-II $840 ($714 after 15% off from Musician's Friend)

    Fender Rumble 500 $600 ($510 from Musician's Friend. $452, after tax, from a local shop for a floor model).

    I tried a couple of the Rumbles in a local shop, and thought they sounded pretty good, but I don't have a lot to compare them to. That shop only had Rumbles. I play mostly classic rock, 80s rock, and classic metal, with some 90s stuff thrown in as well. This will mainly be used at Madison Square Living Room level, but occasionally to jam with some other people, at small parties, etc.

    I only have a four string now, but I'll probably end up adding a five string down the road. When I think of "bass amp", Gallien-Krueger is really the first name to come to mind, probably from all the guys I saw using them, growing up in the 80s. I know that's not a good way to judge an amp, but the nostalgia factor is definitely there.

    I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find the Gallien-Krueger MB212-II within a few hours of where I live, so if I go that route I'd be buying it without getting to test it. I know that both models get a lot of love on this forum, but was wondering for anyone who owns both or has A/B'd both, how do they stack up to one another? Is a new MB212 worth $262 more than a floor model Rumble or $204 more than a new Rumble? I'm also going on the assumption I can get the 15% off of the GK, which I've been having less success with recently, dealing with Musician's Friend.

    I know there are other, older threads on this issue, but wanted to see if there were any new opinions out there. Thanks everyone.
  2. patrick2099


    Feb 2, 2018
    I'm really leaning towards the Gallien-Krueger now, after reading some more threads on here, but haven't completely made up my mind yet. I'd really like to get out and try a few more amps, since I have such little experience with bass amps, but I doubt I'll find much without a road trip, as I live in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Bass amps get a terrible time on the floor in some music stores.
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  4. Based on your taste in music my vote is GK. It is really gonna give you a more focused sound for Metal and said 90's music. I have also tried the combo's in question . Your new to Bass, not music. When you demo a Bass amp, I recommend you set the EQ FLAT and start there, If your not digging what s happening at that starting point, it might not be the AMP for you. Neither brand is going to leave you wanting down the road. They both have options for adding additional cabs.

    For the record I own Rumble and GK gear and plan on buying more of each.
  5. dralionux


    Feb 3, 2009
    Savannah, GA
  6. patrick2099


    Feb 2, 2018
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I hadn't read as good of reviews on the 210 as the 212. I'm really hoping to take a trip to try out some different models. I found a GK dealer about an hour and half from me that didn't have the 212, but had some other models. If I can fight off the urge to try the 15% off deal on the 212, and try a few, maybe that will help me decide.
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  7. Lync

    Lync Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    Just searching around for the 212-II since I used mine at a Casino this past weekend. I also have a Rumble 200 and 100. I bought the MB212-II since I wanted enough power for outdoors to be carried by one hand. I find the Rumbles to sound more pleasing to my ear at home/lower volumes, but for gigs the sound guy always praises the GK tone. Many times though, the 212-ii is too loud! Have to watch your volume or get the hairy eyebrow and a scolding from the sound guy.

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