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New Gear For my husband. Please Help

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by beast326, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. beast326


    May 7, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ
    I just purchased some new gear for my husband as a an Anniversary gift. Problem is, he has a show this Sunday night (Nov. 3rd) and I want to give it to him as a surprise. Unfortunately I do not know how to set it up for him with the cables and such. He currently has 2 pieces of equipment in a case. As I look at it, He has a Hartke LH1000 and a thing called a Versatune. That's it. I bought him a bigger case and 2 pieces he was wanting. I bought him a wireless system called a Line6 G90 and a Monster Power Pro 900 Power station. Don't know what that is. Can somebody Please help me with some instruction on how to set it all up? I just need what cable goes where and such. The guys at Guitar Center didn't have time to help me and said to go on line and figure it out. Do all you guys shop at guitar center? I wouldn't! They're rude and very stuck on themselves. So Can somebody Please Help as soon as possible ? I don't have a lot of time.

    Thank you So Much

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  2. hrodbert696

    hrodbert696 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Well, I'm not in the Berklee bass department, but hopefully this will help:

    The Monster should be a power conditioner; plug that into the wall (or a powerstrip) and then the power cords from everything else plug into it. Kind of like a surge protector on steroids.

    The line6 unit is a wireless; it receives a signal from a unit your husband wears on his belt that connects to the bass. Saves the bass from needing a cable trailing all over the stage. You may remember the scene at the Air Force base in Spinal Tap - same idea, only hopefully this one won't pick up air traffic controllers. Its power cord goes into the Monster; Then you'll want an instrument cable with a 1/4" plug to go from its output (next to the three pin jack in that kind of white box on the back) to the input jack on the amplifier (the Hartke). You'll see another 1/4" jack on the back that says "tuner/aux" - run a cable from that to the Versatune's input 1.

    The versatune is a tuner, tells your husband if his bass is in tune or not. It should run a power cord to the Monster and take a 1/4" cable from the Line6 to its "input 1." That's treating the versatune as an independent "dead end" - some people will "loop" the signal through it and out to other things. If that's what your husband does, then instead of a 1/4" cable from the line6 to the Hartke, you'll run it from the output here to the Hartke. Or, you can run from the Line6 to the input of the Hartke, then out the "effects send" jack on the back of the Hartke to the Versatune, in and out of the Versatune and then to the "effects return" jack of the Hartke.

    The Hartke is the amplifier itself, that takes the weak little electric signal from his bass and pumps it up to a level that can move speakers. There should be a 1/4" jack on teh front that says "input." That's where the cable from the line6 output goes. And, of course, its power cord goes into the Monster.

    Now, what you haven't told us is the speaker cabinet he uses. If he uses just one, then you'll run a 1/4" SPEAKER cable from "output A" on the back of hte Hartke (either one) to the input jack on teh back of the amp. Or, he may have a speakon cable. If he has two speaker cabinets, he may either run them parallel (using the "output B" as well) or he may "bridge" them - a cable to one cabinet and then a cable running from that cabinet to the second one. That's something you'd have to ask him.

    That should do it, but I'd recommend letting him look at it and not powering it up yourself. It's VERY important, if you hook up the speaker cab, to use a speaker cable rather than an instrument cable - instrument cables look almost identical, but they can't handle the power that speaker cables do. Err on the side of caution.

    Hopefully I got that right without any errors. Should get you started. Like I said, don't turn anything on till your husband gets to take a look at it, it will only take him a minute or two to unplug and replug and set it up the way he likes it.

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