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New Gear: PD7 (with soundclips)

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by murdermilk, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. murdermilk


    Feb 5, 2004
    I spent most of Saturday at the Guitar Center, and I tried just about everything under $100 or overdrive/dist. I really, really liked the Boss's blend knob and it's fuzzier side, but on lower settings, it just didn't deliver for me, and I think it had trouble tracking notes below the A string. I had my heart set on a DoD 250, but they only had the Malmsteen sig model, and that effectively filtered everything out of my bass sound except for a clicking sound that could make Fieldy cry.

    I ended up getting an Ibanez pd7 Phat Hed. Mostly because it was discounted because it was the floor model (they took off $20 for 2 stratches along the side that I didn't even notice until I went looking for them. The sound: The pedal's nice. It tracks low end well (sometimes better than Boss), and while it doesn't do fuzzy as nicely as Boss (or as nicely as my Muff used to), it can do more things than the Boss, and I wanted something a little less fuzzy. My ideal chain is a chorus -> light overdrive that's always on and then a Muff at the end that I turn on for all out fuzz for solos and raunchy bits. The PD7 works really well for this.

    Cons: The attack switch is mostly useless. A blend pot would have been a better use for the money, but I can't really complain too much. And even though it doesn't have TB, I don't notice much tone loss when it's off, but some of the more pedantic of you might be able to tell. Nothing near as bad for tone sucking as the Muff.


    Thanks for all the help in picking out a pedal. Above is a .WAV with three riffs for you. I wrote out some settings that I've found I liked. The knobs on the PD7 go from 0 (left) to 10 (right), so that's the way I've written it.

    First riff: "Breed" - Nirvana

    Drive: 10
    EQ Hi: 10
    EQ Lo: 10
    Dist. Mode: Distortion
    Attack Mode: 0

    Second Riff: "Sunshine of Your Love" - Cream (Sometimes I like to put on a dress and pretend I'm Jack Bruce's love child. Mmhmm.):

    Chorus pedal first:

    Rate: 4
    Depth 9.5

    The PD7:

    Drive: 10
    EQ Hi: 10
    EQ Lo: 0
    Dist. Mode: Distortion
    Attack Mode: 0

    Third Riff: Something I made up on the spot (sorry it's so quiet, but it's all I could do to make my sound card not clip it.)

    Drive: 4.5
    EQ Hi: 5
    EQ Lo: 9
    Dist. Mode: Overdrive
    Attack Mode: 0

    I'm still lusting after a DOD 250, so that's probably what I'm getting for whatever I can get a present for next.

    Thanks again, especially to TPLyons for the advice.

    (PS to tplyons - EHX says my warranty is null, so I'm taking it to a friend who has a soldering iron this weekend, and if we can't fix it, I'll PM you.)

    EDIT: sorry playing on the clip sucks. My computer is the absolute least comfortable place to play that I have every played. I'd rather be in a coffin 6 feet under and try to play with my bass perfectly verticle (ala Fieldy) than play here. Excuses, excuses.

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