New GHS flats. Overdriven E string?

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  1. Anyways here is the super jaguar SS I just picked up. For a great price, I couldn't resist.

    This jag is equipped with Hipshot Kickass high mass bridge. Hipshot Ultralite Chrome mini clover tuning machines. DiMarzio Model P+J pickups. Upgraded pots and wiring and switches and Switchcraft jack and knobs. The knobs are Volume / Tone / 3-way rotary pu selector switch. The tone knob is on a push-pull pot. When in, it's wired through a Sprague Orange Drop 0.47 capacitor - when pulled out, the signal goes through a .1 Orange Drop capacitor (rolling the tone off and then pulling the switch gives you an incredibly deep thump - great for reggae, dub, hip-hop, dance. Basically just expands the low end of your tonal range. And of course it's got the custom made tort pickguard. The strings are (brand new) GHS Precision Flats.

    I love the way this thing but like I said in the last post. After playing it a while it almost feels like the E string is overdriven while the others are not. I saw in other posts that when the GHS flats are new the E can sound "wolfy" and it goes away after playing a while. I hope someone can help me. Is it the pickups or electronics maybe?

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    Did you do a basic setup, intonate, and make Pickup height adjustments after putting the new strings on?

    What sort of strings did you replace?

    Sometimes if I go from a set of, say, light pure nickel rounds to heavy stainless steel flats (or vice versa), I’ll have to make significant adjustments to pickup height to find the “sweet spot” for the new strings.

    I know some guys swear by busting out the feeler gauges and measuring string height to the .000001 inch, but I’ve always just turned up to my standard “moderately loud” volume and dialed the height in by ear - shooting for desired balance between fundamental and harmonic content.

    Also, I like your bass! Those Dimarzios look like they were MADE for that bass :thumbsup:
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    Lower the low side of your pickups until your tone sweetens up. Also the E will both open, and tighten up with playing time.
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  4. I did do a full set up. And I replaced these with the stock roundwounds
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    Jun 15, 2009
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    I’d adjust pickup height on the bass side, then.
  6. I will try that. I meant I replaced the stock with the GHS precision flats
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