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NEW Graphtech Resomax Ghost Piezo Bridge with acoustiphonic preamp

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by strangedejavu, May 16, 2011.

  1. I have a brand new (just dirty from sitting around the shop for the last two years) Graphtech Ghost resomax tune-O-Matic Bridge with full expanded acousticphonic preamp kit….

    The bridge is a 4mm gold resomax with graphtech piezo saddles for each string… Does not include posts for mounting but it will fit your current posts on your guitar… (for more info in the bridge look here Products*&*Ordering - Graph Tech) I paid over 175 for this bridge!

    Everything except for two mounting washers, one nut for a switch, and the battery holder are included (can find these parts at radio shack or your hardware store for less than 3.00)

    Here is what is included with the preamp set up… (more info can be found here Products*&*Ordering - Graph Tech) I paid over 130 for this set up plus the bridge!

    PE 0240-00 Acosti-Phonic EQ’d for guitar
    PE-0111-00 Quick Switch for mag/both/acoustic (missing washer and nut for switch)
    BE-0204-00 Acoustic Volume Pot with mid/dark switch BE-5003-00 Stereo Output Jack Cable Assembly (R-W-Bu harness, connects jack to pre-amp)
    BE-5002-00 Acoustic Volume Cable Assembly (Vi-Y-Gn harness, connects volume pot and mag system to pre-amp)
    BE-0204-00 Battery Connecter (connects 9v to pre-amp)

    I am looking for 205 shipped for the complete set up… Retailing for over 350!
  2. forsalegraphtech.
  3. 175 shipped tonight only for the works
  4. no reasonable offer refused... Don't be shy, I need money for my tele project!
  5. 165?
  6. actually I will do 160 tonight only and I could get it shipped within 30 minutes of the sale!
  7. taking a huge hit today on these 155 shipped for the works!
  8. 145 is the lowest i can go
  9. okay I am almost to where I need for bills... lets do 135 shipped!!!!
  10. 125 shipped for over 350 worth the guitar parts.... Wow I must be really broke...
  11. 115 shipped!!!!

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