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New guy here/need some advice

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by PAguy, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. PAguy


    Aug 19, 2005
    1st post! Been lurking for a while, and learning a lot!

    I have some money to spend ($500 or so), and I'm not happy with my current set up: Ibanez SR300DX, and Hartke VX3500 combo.

    I want a seperate head/cabinets rig, and I also would like a new bass. I can't afford both (well, unless I buy an SX)
    I've been thinking of modifying my current rig, by keeping the 3500 head, and getting some cabs.

    Here's what I'm thinking:
    I like the 3500 head from my combo, so I'm thinking of removing it from the combo, putting it in a rack, then adding a couple seperate cabs to complete my new rig. I'm thinking a 2/10 and a 1/15. I have a nice McCauley 15" driver in a PA box that I never use. So I'm thinking of getting an empty 1/15 cab , and an empty 2/10 cab(steelsound or Avatar?). I could put two of the Hartke 10's in the empty 2/10 cab, and my McCauley 15" in the other cab, then I would have 2-8 ohm cabs. Then I would have the flexibility to use a smaller rig for small gigs.
    Or, am I better off trading in the combo altogether?

    Bassically, I'm not happy with the sound of current set up, so am I better off getting a new bass rig, or a new bass guitar? I know neither my current amp or bass are great sounding. I don't like the skinny neck on my Ibanez, and I'd like something with a deeper P sound. I like the G&L Tribute, but if I get that and keep my combo, will it sound much better?

  2. bigbeefdog

    bigbeefdog Who let the dogs in?

    Jul 7, 2003
    Mandeville, LA
    Welcome to TalkBass. And..... wow. Basically you want to change.... everything. :D

    For starters, I *wouldn't* gut the Hartke. Stuffing random drivers in random cabinets rarely yields optimal results, and you'd also be killing any resale value the combo might have.

    You're going to have to 'fess up a bit more about what you play, where, how loud, etc...... but first impressions are that, perhaps, if you have $500 to spend, plus a Hartke combo and Ibanez bass to sell, you may be able to flip both and "reset" yourself with some of the cheaper-but-decent gear that's discussed around here often (Avatar, Ashdown, Yamaha, Fender MIM, etc.).

    Your turn.... more info on how you're using the gear. And definitely.... Avatar over Steelsound.

    GSPLBASSDC Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 25, 2005
    Des Moines, IA
    +1 on all of this...great advice to make a "clean" start w/ really good equipment on the cheap
  4. xb100


    Mar 24, 2004
    NH, In
    Well heres what I can suggest to ya.

    If you can't take the head out of the combo just sell it as is, along with your bass since you don't like it.

    and since you have 500$ already saved up you might be lucky and get around 250-300$ with the stuff you sell.

    That would leave you with roughly 750-800$

    Which is actually enough to get a good head and cab.

    My suggestion is go check out avatar speakers.com www.avatarspeakers.com

    Dave who is the owner makes GREAT cabs for the price. Don' let the pricing fool ya dude, check out the reviews for his cabs on Talkbass and on harmonycentral.com.

    Dave also sells really good heads at a discount price if you buy one of his cabs.

    I suggest getting the b212, it is a 2x12cab capable of 1000 watts. I also suggest getting an ashdown mag300 or mag600 head. If you can aford the mag600 that would be great, it would allow you to have more power and head room. Dave sells those heads directly with his cabs on his site.

    I dunno if you would have enough to buy a new bass though.
    ESP, Fender and Yamaha all come to mind. ESP well have the cheapest of the 3 with the b50 heres a link to it. It is a really good bass I've played on the 154, and am acutually going to be getting it for my next bass, really great quality. ESP B50. Yamaha and Fender will be a little bit more $$ around 300-450$.

    If you need any more answerws just ask or look in the FAQ.

    Hope ya find something ya like dude!

  5. PAguy


    Aug 19, 2005
    Yeah, I guess i do want to change everything!
    My main reason for ditching the combo is that I can't get the thing up out of my basement by myself. I figure seperate head and cabs will be easier to move.

    More info:

    Been playing drums for 20+ years, but have also played bass occasionally throughout that time.
    I bought a cheap bass to mess around with at home, and to keep the wife happy, I just practice through my guitar amp at a low volume.

    I've been playing some gigs lately on bass, and it's nice to stand up for a change :smug:
    I've been playing variety gigs, anything from basic rock, standards, polkas, country, etc. I am not a slap player.

    I find I like my bass tone better through my guitar amp (little 12" combo) than through the Hartke. Granted, I can't get any sort of volume out of the guitar amp, but my bass tone has "character" for lack of a better word. I hope you understand what I mean. The Hartke is loud, but dull.
  6. xb100


    Mar 24, 2004
    NH, In

    Check out the ashdown mag series, really versitle amps.

    I think they would suit you good.

  7. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Ultimately, for the kind of warm tone you were talking about
    I would shoot for used Eden gear.

    I bought a used Eden wt-300 and it is far superior in
    sound and tone to anything else I have played up to now,
    (30+ years). I paid 420 for it. Best amp buy I ever made.

    Eden cabs sound great with the heads, I hear. Can't say
    from personal experience though.

    I agree with the idea that 'throwing' a driver into an
    empty cab rarely yields good results.

    I built (rebuilt) my own recently, and I found a LOT of research went into the driver selection, a lot more than
    I first realized. When I finished, I ended up with a
    super cab in combo with my Eden, and my band is
    getting PO'ed at me when I don't bring that rig, because
    of the warm fat tone I am getting with it. (The link
    is in the sig)

    I agree with above, sell your stuff used and start working
    up to the gear that is really going to perform for you,
    and make you sound just right.