New Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy trailer.

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  1. The trailer for the HHG2G is on the Amazon site.


    I have to say, it didn't enthuse me that much. It looked like it could be a mildly entertaining Hollywood SFX fest. I'm not disappointed, but I'm still pretty cautious. I have confidence in Mos Def, he's hilarious on Chappelle's Show, but this is really different from Chappelle's Show. I'm also concerned as to how the writer's translated Adam's humor for an American audience. Part of what made the book great was it's hilarious asides (Pan-Galactic Garbbleblaster) and it's dry delivery. Popular American humor, and Hollywood especially, is not known for being able to pull off dry, intelligent humor
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    Apr 8, 2002
    I'm stoked.
  3. let's see now....i read the books, heard a bunch about the movie, didn't really investigate it. it's a shame Adams is dead; that probably gave a nice postponing of release of the movie for a couple of years. if you really want to see something correlating to the book series, you should check out the old videos of the show out on dvd, they're pretty good.
  4. The ones that the BBC aired? I saw them, they weren't bad, they followed the books really closely, which was nice, but then there didn't seem like much point of seeing the series over reading the books. I guess it shows the importance of capturing the spirit of the book rather than following it word for word.
  5. Only


    Sep 8, 2002
    Warrensburg, MO
    Zaphod's got all two heads and three arms, I'm in.

    It's got all the ingredients for quality.

    Guy from the Office, check.
    Alan Rickman as Marvin's voice, check
    Zaphod's anatomy, check.
    People in the early focus groups approving, check.

    :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
  6. Alan Rickman is Marvin? (well, yes, his voice, I understand...but still :) )

    Genius! Perfect casting!

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    I have very high hopes for this movie. I've been following the production since before they started casting the film. The directors seem to hold the source material in the same regard that Peter Jackson holds LOTR, so that certainly helps.

    That Douglas Adams wrote the script doesn't hurt, either. :D

    Anyone who knows the history of the story knows that the radio play is different from the books, the books are different from the BBC series, and it has morphed again with the theatrical release. So, anyone who whines and complains about additions/subtractions (like John Malkovich as Humma Kavula) really don't know their HHGTTG. :D

    I was lucky enough to talk to DA after he spoke at UGA many years ago, and he was as nice as you think he would be. And, his lecture was one of the funniest things I've ever seen/heard. I think these guys are going to do his story justice.
  8. The Book - NOT narrated by Peter Jones

    Arthur Dent - NOT played by Simon Jones

    Ford Prefect - NOT played by Geoffrey McGivern

    Zaphod Beeblebrox - NOT played by Mark Wing-Davey

    Trillian - NOT played by Susan Sharoden

    Eric's recommendation?


    It cannot and will not be the same without the original actors. And how dare they change how Marvin looks? Did they not SEE the original movie? The one that Douglas Adams wrote? I am a huge HHG2TG fan, and am appaled by what they have done. It's not going to be British humor at all.

    And 5 will get you 10 that they change major portions of the plot line.

    Rock on
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    Feb 6, 2002
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    There's way to many variations of the HHGTTG to pick one and stick with it. There's the original radio ones, the books, the old series etc. etc. And in any case, Douglas Adams worked on most of the script before he died, so I'm sure it'll be good. I get to go for free on a sneak preview, so I'm taking that opportunity.

  10. I always stay with the Radio play. It came first, so I consider it to be the ultimate source.

    "This is the story of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, perhaps the most remarkable, certainly the most successful book ever to come out of the great publishing corporations of Urse Minor - more popular than Celestial Home Care Omnibus, better selling that 53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity, and more controversial that Oolon Coluphid's trilogy of philosophical blockbusters: Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes, and Who is This God Person Anyway?"

    I have the script, plus all 12 episodes of the play, plus all five books in the trilogy, plus the first movie. My avatar on a couple of other post boards in the little green guy from the book covers.

    Rock on
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    Feb 6, 2002
    Pacific Northwet
    Total fanboi of: Fractal Audio, AudiKinesis Cabs, Dingwall basses
    Well, actually, the books and the radio play were coming out around the same time. I think it was what, the first three went on the radio, then in book, then four on radio, three in book, and it goes kinda funny. It did start on the radio, but the books were coming out in between episodes. I like the books better than the radio version myself, but that's me.

  12. Simon Jones is in the movie in a different role, as is the original Marvin. :) They put them in there as easter eggs for the old-school H2G2 geeks such as yourself and I.

    It should be about as British as it gets... Script written by Adams, directed by Brits, and featuring a mostly British cast (apart from Mos Def, John Malkovich and Sam Rockwell). I'm looking forward to seeing Bill Nighy and Martin Freeman (two of our finest comedy actors) and Alan Rickman and Stephen Fry's vocal contributions (as Marvin and The Book, respectively).

    The plotline is different, introducing new characters such as Malkovich's Humma Kavula, and making more of the Arthur/Trillian/Zaphod love triangle, but these changes were all done by Adams himself before he passed. Every iteration of H2G2 is different, the books differ from the radio series, the TV show from both of them.

    I, for one, can't wait... :D

    Russ :bassist:
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