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New Ibanez Iceman NT

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Fair Warning, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Fair Warning

    Fair Warning Deliverin' the Goods! Supporting Member

  2. alaskaleftybass

    alaskaleftybass Will Hanbury, Jr. Supporting Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Sitka, Alaska
    The bass looks awesome.... I went to Youtube and listened to the band, Arch Enemy. I'm not familiar with them. Evidently the bass player's name is Sharlee and it was built to his specs.

    Man, that woman lead vocalist has a voice deeper than most guys lol... Could you imagine waking up to that voice in the morning saying, good morning honey... yikes :eek:... lol

    If you get this bass let us know how it turns out... Looks totally awesome...
  3. I few years ago i had what was basicaly a standard production model of that iceman, was white, had the same pickups, same neck. It sounded ok, but it had some pretty hefty neckdive and overall wasnt that comfortable to play. I think this is one of those examples of a company taking a guitar design and slapping the bass treatment on it, with the results being less than spectacular.

    At the very least, I would highly recommend trying on before buying.
  4. Finally, the best bass for metal has been found!:bag:
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  5. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    This one also come in white as well, but is factory strung C, F, bB, bE and sports monorail bridge instead of AccuCast200.

    Yes... Neither the IceMan300, nor the Sharlee d'Angelo signature (he plays in Spiritual Beggars too) capture the mood of the IceMan700 electric guitar:meh:

  6. Fair Warning

    Fair Warning Deliverin' the Goods! Supporting Member

    Any ideas of where (China, Korea, Japan?) Ibanez builds this NT version of the Iceman? Any info on what strings come stock on it for that tuning? For me to be in sync with my basses, I would be dropping the tuning to BEAD anyways, and usually requires a 5 string set.

    I wish string companys would catch on an sell a BEAD seat of strings.....
  7. JonKim

    JonKim Supporting Member

    Nov 15, 2011
    I know Warwick does
  8. jlepre

    jlepre Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2007
    Parsippany, NJ
    Looks like Paul Stanley's bass
  9. TBird1958

    TBird1958 As a matter of fact....I am your Queen! Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2008
    Seattle Washington
    Endorsing Artist Mike Lull T Bass pickups
    Personally, I like it except for the Iron Cross inlays........Directly copied from Gibson's Nikki Sixx Thunderbird.
  10. WarwickOfficial


    May 15, 2012
    Warwick & Framus Social Media
    Warwick Black Label strings are available in a BEAD set, as well as a F#BEA set. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  11. landau roof

    landau roof Reupholstered User

    Jul 29, 2010
    Downstate CA
    Same here. Not feeling the indie bridge saddles, either.
  12. stiles72


    Mar 20, 2009
    Albany IL
    Looks like a Nikki Sixx Blackbird mated with a Paul Stanley Iceman. Playing both Ibanezes and Gibson Tbirds, I like it - but wish it had a 1.5" nut. The Iron Cross inlays are a bit of a rip off, but at least they aren't just dots.
  13. curbowkid

    curbowkid Guest

    Jun 27, 2011
    Brooklyn, New York
    Because they are both icemans
  14. Fair Warning

    Fair Warning Deliverin' the Goods! Supporting Member

    Just a dirty looking beast of a bass with a dirty sound. Not for the purist. Still putting it through the passes.

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  15. What's the verdict--do you like it?

    I just put an older Iceman bass on layaway.

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