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New Ibanez Phaze Mod

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Bigfeet, May 19, 2002.

  1. Wow! I know Ibanez effects get a bad rep. but this thing sounds great on bass. I finnaly demo'ed one today and it got the greatist sounds; phaser, flanger, chorus, oscillator, a functional ringmod, great watery funk sounds...

    It has four controls that lock into place, good for us with the unproportioned body parts (namely the feet) speed, depth, manual, and feedback. And two switches, one for shape sellect (saw tooth, squar, and fast sawtooth) and the trademark Ibanez "Style" switch that chooses between three completely different styles. Great bypass too, no signal loss I could notice.

    So many great sounds, one that really got me going was the huge low end sound I got from one setting. I used the square wave shape and set feedback all the way to 0, no matter what I did with the other controls from there I got the fattest, deep, throaty synthetic sounds. I was looking for a phaser to add to my rig, since this does all around modulation I think it's going to be my next effect. And for the price, it's a damn nice pedal. And all this in an effect that fits well in the palm of my hand. lol.
  2. Well that sounds cool enough? I like my MXR Phase 90, how does it compare? Phasers are maybe one of those FX I like to keep analog in the same way i do my filters; kinda similar, no? This one is digital for sure. What do you suppose that "style" switch is supposed to emulate?
  3. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    looks good... I trust that if BF likes it, it sounds good.
  4. It does a pretty good job of getting the sounds the phase 90 gets, the sawtoothed wav shape sounds allot like MXR phazers. But the square wave was one of my favorites, getting those great synth sounds I suggested before, but also creating psuedo delay and vintage "Flying Pan" effects.

    I agree that digital filters sound dead in comparison to analog ones, but that depends on how you apply the effects IMO. I don't mind if effects like modulation or delay are digital, but effects like distortion, filters, compression, equalization, etc... be kept solid. But that depends on how you use them.

    The style switch is just as it suggests, using styles which sounded like (from one to three) light modulation, light modulation with more accent on the oscillation, and heavy modulation that actually drove into pulse width modulation when the effect was set more drastically (resulting in the psuedo delay effects). Each was useful and different.

  5. How much would I expect to pay for one *so I don't give my hopes up*
  6. You can find them for around $US77

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