New & Improved "Show us you action shots" (or 'BUFF Guys Do Gigs')

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by James Hart, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. actually this is the lightest bass Bill has ever made for me... I'm just blown away! haven't put 'er on a scale yet but I'd put the weight in under 10 pounds if I had to guess. as always, she balances perfectly so there's no sense of weight... AWESOME!

    and I used to play with a volume pedal but I haven't had one since the old one was swallowed by Mother Nature. don't know if I'll get another.

    I can tell you that this baby has an outrageous fingerstyle sound. once the strings break in and I've had a bit more time playing her, I think there will be a bit more growl and a bit less in the way of fangs.

    overall my initial impression is just... staggeringly happy!!

  2. Vic

    Vic There's more music in the nuance than the notes. Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Central Illinois
    Staff, Bass Gear Magazine

    so between songs you just mute with your hands? Man, I love the convenience of being able to "turn the bass off" between songs.

    congrats! the way it should be!!! :)
  3. cymbop


    Mar 1, 2006
    Durham, NC
    My band, the Red Star Movers, played its first show last night. It was my first gig out, ever -- and an amazing experience.


  4. ah, nothing like the first gig! congratulations, man!
  5. cymbop


    Mar 1, 2006
    Durham, NC
    Thanks, Stew. We played a 35-minute set with 4 originals and a Talking Heads cover. It went by in what seemed like an instant.

    I've never played the 810 Fridge before in a big room -- holy cow is it a different experience when you don't have as many standing bass waves as in the practice room. Wow. I gotta do that again.
  6. oh, you will! and you'll have a ton of fun... and a ton of great stories!

  7. neptoon


    Jul 25, 2000
    Palm Bay, FL
    hey, stew, that's an excellent conk, bro
  8. thanks, man! I'm a very, very happy bass player!

  9. Stew--how does that Nordstrand pickup sound without a preamp?
  10. PM coming your way, Alex.
  11. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Ellicott City, MD
    Endorsing: Spector Bass Guitars
    House of Rock (Baltimoreish), Dec 30



  12. fretless Bob

    fretless Bob If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

    Nov 27, 2005
    Harrow, London, U.K

    ah wow, i really like that, any chance of some soundclips?

  13. Mixmasta J

    Mixmasta J

    Dec 4, 2004


    oddly enough, I have no electric bass gig pics haha
  14. as soon as I can put some together and host 'em, I'll start a review thread and everyone can hear it.

    it's a killin' fingerstyle axe!
  15. fretless Bob

    fretless Bob If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

    Nov 27, 2005
    Harrow, London, U.K
    oh great, il look forward to it.

    i bet its nice to have a conklin again.

  16. words do not accurately convey it!

  17. This is the only pic I could find of me playing, at least it's a recent one:
    From that view, it almost looks like I'm playing guitar...

    I'll see if I can get any pics when I play doublebass too.
  18. great shot!
  19. evelyncarnate


    Nov 13, 2006
    London, UK
    Last week... Oh dear! x

  20. christle


    Jan 26, 2002
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