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New Inlays

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by SnakeAnthony, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could and in new inlays, like abalone blocks, on a pre-finished neck, like a fender P neck with dot already installed. Has anyone ever done this before?
  2. JSPguitars


    Jan 12, 2004
    Grass Valley
    Sure you could!
    I'm guessing you'd have to pull the frets, route and install new inlays, sand, sand some more, sand again......
    Install new frets, sand, crown, polish.......
    then re-finish.
    Lots of work! :)
  3. I've done MOP dots on a fretted neck without removing the frets. It's really difficult but do-able. Advance at your own peril. But I've got a couple of other ways to do some pretty cool things that I found by thinking out of the box a bit.
  4. callmeMrThumbs

    callmeMrThumbs Guest

    Oct 6, 2005
    Omaha, NE
    Hey, that sounds like a cool project. I also have a question, though, that I feel is related enough that I shouldn't have to start my own thread. How exactly are inlays done? I don't think I have any of the necessary tools to make them, but I'm just curious as to how they are made. If anyone wants to enlighten me, please, then that would be really great. Thanks...

    Good luck, Anthony. Can't wait to see before/after pics!

  5. JSPguitars


    Jan 12, 2004
    Grass Valley
    Mr Thumbs--
    check out Larry Robinson's book called "The Art of Inlay". He explains how to do it in there really well, plus there's some great pictures of inlays. I was just re-reading it the last few nights before going to bed and man, these guys in that book are talented. Larry made a career out of it! The book is only $20, and I think I got one used for like $15 through Amazon.
    Good stuff!
  6. How much do you guys think it would cost a professional to do it. I personally don't trust myself enough to attempt, and the way JPS talks, with the refretting, sanding, repolishing, I think it would just be safer to let someone with experince try and to it.

    Just so you guys know, its a '69 Precision Neck w/ a maple f-board that I got on Ebay, combined with a '75 Reissue Jazz body in Sunburst. Got the idea from something else I saw on Ebay. It may still be on sale there if you want to check it out.

    It already looks great, but I wanted either the John Paul Jones look, with the black block inlays, or blocks in pearl or abalone. I think I'm the only one out there that prefers the P neck over the Jazz....
  7. tjclem

    tjclem Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jun 6, 2004
    Central Florida
    Owner and builder Clementbass
    I think it would be a mistake to mess with a stock '69 fender neck. Just my opinion though.....t
  8. JSPguitars


    Jan 12, 2004
    Grass Valley
    Is it a re-issue neck or a REAL '69?
  9. FBB Custom

    FBB Custom TalkBass Pro Commercial User

    Jan 26, 2002
    Owner: FBB Bass Works
    A professional is going to defret before doing the inlay. Then refret. A refret is probably starts at around $250. I'd imagine a set of block inlays would cost a couple or three c notes as well.

    Could get expensive.
  10. As far as I know, it's a real '69, at least thats how its advertised. I never really took them time to check. And honsetly I don't care, it feels good, it looks, good, its nice and worn in...

    I figured that it could get expensive, so I figure that I'll wait at least for a while before doing it, maybe I'll just stick with stock.
  11. callmeMrThumbs

    callmeMrThumbs Guest

    Oct 6, 2005
    Omaha, NE
    Hey, thanks a lot, JSP! I'm definately gonna check that out! I might buy a guitar electronics book while I'm at it....

  12. I would definately avoid any inlay on this neck if it is real vintage but what i like to do is drill out plastic markers on newer fender necks and replace them with real pearl or abalone dots, abalone with a black outline looks good on a maple board. Its quite easy to level them to the board without removing any frets. I think blocks would be hard to do without removing frets.

    I have seen thin pearl stickers somewhere but i cant remember where. These could be cut to any shape and were sold as a quick and cheap alternative to getting a neck properly inayed, if only i could remember