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New Jay Terrien Record With Pat Mastelotto and Ronan Chris Murphy!!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Jay Terrien, May 27, 2005.

  1. Business-wise, composer/solo bassist/violist Jay Terrien (http://www.jayterrien.com) is currently finishing up a new record with Los Angeles-based producer/engineer/mixer/Red Vines Licorice junkie Ronan Chris Murphy (http://www.venetowest.com/rcm/index.html), whose credits include work with bassist Tony Levin, The California Guitar Trio, King Crimson, Steve Morse, Robert Fripp, Terry Bozzio, Steve Stevens, etc.

    This "DYNAMIC DUO" album will feature Jay Terrien and acoustic/electronic drumming madman Pat Mastelotto (http://www.patmastelotto.com) (King Crimson, XTC, TU (with Trey Gunn), The Sugarcubes, Mick Jagger (Solo Record), etc.) BEATING THE SNOT OUT OF 11 of his original compositions that were specifically written and orchestrated to showcase advanced bass and drums textures! You can check out some cool studio session pix and videos at both Pat Mastelotto's website (http://www.patmastelotto.com/jayterrien.0.html) and at Jay Terrien's website (http://www.grasstain.com/Terrien_Mastelotto_Sessions_index.htm).

    Long live the Monkey Masks!!!
  2. Are you related to Paul Terrien? He's a monster guitarist.
  3. I wonder if he has similar picture taking prowess as I?
    Where can I find this guy's musical stamp? Do tell!!


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