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New John Myung Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SlavaF, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB

    :eek: WOW! Nice bass!:hyper:

    "Black hardware and sharp styling complete the 21st Century look. The signature RBXJM2 model features a 3-piece Maple neck, oval Abalone position markers and a choice between Inca Silver or Plum Pearl Metallic finishes. Named for Dream Theater bassist John Myung, the RBXJM2 delivers distinctive tone, thanks to a custom Seymour Duncan SMB-6a pickup and a high-octane active preamp that features a three-band EQ."

    Only problem: Retail is $1650!:(

    If anyone plays it, PLEASE post impressions/reviews/etc.:bassist:
  2. Yowsa!:D

    I likes it!
  3. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    i played it. i thought that it felt really good, and it's looks kick ass!
  4. Did you try any of the other new Yamahas out like the RBX374?
  5. Marlat


    Sep 17, 2002
    London UK
    I think they look okay, not bad really, but I will never understand why he gave up those beautiful Tung basses for these Yamahas. IMO the Tung's make the Yamaha's look a piece of mass produced imported .... oh wait :D ;)

    EDIT: These new ones look miles better than his old Sig model
  6. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    :D But you gotta admit, they look pretty fancy for "pieces of mass produced imported...":bassist:

    Stephen, how was the string spacing? Even narrower than the first model? The neck looks tiny for a 6 string!
  7. Sorry guys, I'll have to disagree. It certaintly doesn't look bad, but I don't see anything particularly special about it. I certaintly don't think it looks all that fancy.


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    wow, that color looks SCHWEET!

    i think that it looks quite modern and stuff, very cool
  9. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    do you like it or not? have you heard it or played it ;)?
  10. :bassist:

    thats sweet man :D :cool:
  11. Stephen,

    I have not played it, so I don't know whether I like it or not. I was merely commenting on its appearence, as were most of the people who responded to this thread. You've played it and liked it, so it's probobly a nice bass. All I'm saying is it doesn't look amazing. (It looks fine, just not amazing).
  12. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    Also, is it just me, or did it look a LOT lighter on various bootlegs? I saw a vid of The Glass Prison, and the bass looks a lot lighter gray, which IMO was a bit better. While this bass looks AWESOME, I think that if the bass was actually silver and not charcoal gray it would look a bit better.:D
  13. hippiesandwich


    Aug 29, 2003
    San Jose
    Affiliated with Looperlative Audio Products
    Sheesh, do I just have a pic for every thread today or what? :D A friend of mine had a photo pass for the DT show on 7/26/03 and I let her borrow my camera. :cool:

  14. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    i actually thought that it did feel light. i don't really play 6ers regularly :p, so it felt like a bigger neck than my 5. especially since i have an ibanez soundgear also. but it felt really good though. i wasn't really testing it, i was just thinking to myself, damn, i am playing john myungs signature bass, lol :rolleyes:.

    EDIT: i think it was the lighter color in the picture... i'll get my pictures back tomorrow and post it then.
  15. jbay


    May 23, 2002
    Who's that bald guy on keyboards?? :confused:
  16. I don't like Yamaha...it looks ugly to me.
  17. Mud Flaps

    Mud Flaps

    Feb 3, 2003
    Norton, MA
    How does it sound?! The pickup placement is sooo wierd!. But John Myung is sooo coool, I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
  18. and besides, they make motorcycles, not basses:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Anyways...that does look pretty sweet. I think in that picture and on the bootleg videos the color looks diff because of the lighting on the stage.
  19. hippiesandwich


    Aug 29, 2003
    San Jose
    Affiliated with Looperlative Audio Products
    Jordan Rudess
  20. Devnor


    Nov 13, 2001
    Dallas TX
    Myung is a monster :D

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