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new joke!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor [DB]' started by conor_maccarthy, May 14, 2003.

  1. A double bass player strolls into a bar, puts the bass in the corner and sits down for a few quiet pints of guinness. The guinness was going down really well, and before he knew it he was after 8 or 9 pints (he lost count). The bar starts to get quieter as the night goes on, untill there's only the bass player left. Next thing, the bass player looks up to see a pair of lips (just lips) floating in the door. 'Must be something a bit dodgy in these pints' the bass player thinks to himself, tyring to ignore what he hopes is a pint-related hallucination. The pair of lips hover over the stool next to the bassist, and orders a pint from the barman. Being only two of them in the bar, the silence was quite akward. The pair of lips, noticing the double bass in the corner says "Oh, you must be a musician!"

    "yeah....eh....thats right....lips", the bass player responded.

    "I'm a musician too", said the lips.

    "oh ... eh .... that's great...lips", said the increasingly worried bassist.

    There was another long silence, and the bassist felt the need to crack into some more conversation.

    "So...eh... you're a musician then, pair of lips?"

    "thats right"

    "ok... so... are you a professional?"

    "Oh god no", replied the lips,
    "I'm only a embouchure!"

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