New Keyboard bass setup, fine tuning, and thank you!

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    Mar 4, 2018
    Hey everyone, I posted a few weeks ago about trying to build a super-loud, super-heavy keyboard-bass keyboard setup, and had set a previous driver on fire. I received lots of amazing feedback, including some tough suggestions to consider re-thinking my entire approach and find a pro-sound setup.

    Well, a few weeks after my last post, I found a craigslist ad offering to sell a Behringer Epx2800, a PA 15" pair with tweeters, an 18" BW 1808 subwoofer and speaker cables for 400 dollars. I didn't really have money to spare, but after prince-checking the equipment and realizing what a deal it was, I ran out and grabbed it. So I'm selling some of my other equipment I bought, which is a pain, but as was suggested, is probably the right way to go.

    I also went ahead and got the FPS high-pass filter, and because I wanted more direct control, a Rolls Mini-Crossover. So I spent the money.

    The way I've set up my keyboards is like this: Both the Bass and Treble keyboard, everything goes into the rolls crossover. Lows out of the crossover goes into the High-Pass, and then into a GK Goldline 500, and from there, parallel into an 18" and 15" subwoofer (which I had bought from before), both peavey BWs. I've tried with just the 18", and it sounds fine, so I may sell off the 15", but with both plugged in, I can leave my amp at 2.5 and it's ear-crushingly loud.

    The highs go into the Epx2800, and then into the stereo PA pair.

    My question is: now that I have better equipment, is there a better, more efficient way I could try and set this up? I've tried to run bass through the EPX2800, and it sounds OK, but isn't nearly loud enough.
    What frequency should I split the highs and lows at? 100, 150, 200, 300, 500? I've experimented a couple ways and am not sure.

    Also, now that I have a power amplifier in the EPX2800, I've investigated other ways to use the thing, including 'bridge' mode, in which it says it can provide something insane like 2000 watts. I was considering doing that, and then having that plug directly into the 18" subwoofer, which can apparently handle 2000 watts Peak, 1000 watts program. However, from everything I can read, I'll need to jerry-rig one of my cables in order to do that, and it seems like there is a lot that can go wrong. So for the time being, I'm just the highs only, in mono mode, into two PA speakers, which seems like an underpowered use of the thing. Currently, I have to use both amps: the GK for the lows, and the EPX for the highs.

    So anyone with any experience in Power Amplifiers that has any suggestions about how to more properly use the EPX2800, I would be appreciative.

    The main thing I wanted to say, though, was thank you. Without suggestions from this forum I would have missed out on that equipment and seriously upgrading my setup on the cheap. So, thank you.