For Sale NEW Levy's MSS2 4.5" padded bass strap - super comfy!

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    BRAND NEW, UNUSED Levy's MSS2 4.5" padded garment leather strap.
    I just discovered these, and bought three of them because I wasn't sure which colors would go best with my basses. Ended up deciding to keep the black and burgundy ones.

    This is the Brown one - it is gorgeous, super comfortable, and new with tags still on.
    I could just return it for a refund but figured I'd first see if someone would like it.
    I got it at a slight discount since I bought three at once, so passing along the savings.
    $70 shipped to CONUS; will ship worldwide, $70 plus actual shipping cost.


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  2. winsorbass


    Sep 2, 2008
    Portland, ME
    PM sent and replied!
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