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    Many agree that the most sought after old basses in the world came from Cremona. There was a “Golden Age” period of instrument making that occurred there. One factor that contributed to this period was that geographically speaking all the makers were very close to each other. The spirit of the time led them to pool their knowledge even though they were competitors. This elevated their craft.

    The early part of my career was one in which I had very little contact with other luthiers and their ideas. There was basically one way to do things [the fast way]. Since I have been in business for myself I have reached out to other luthiers [both in my neighborhood and around the globe] in the interest of sharing information. This has worked out very well for me in terms of gaining knowledge and bodes for even greater things now that the internet has made my world even smaller. On the links page of my site I am attempting to build a reference to bass luthiers who are trying to do the right thing. Focusing on craft instead of money. Willing to share their knowledge and experience with other luthiers. The number now is small but I am working on it. Within a few days I expect to make some more additions. This posts’ purpose is to highlight two new luthiers that I believe are trying to do the right thing.

    Robbie MacIntosh is a NY neighbor who has apprenticed with the great Lou DeLeone [as has Arnold Schnitzer]. Robbie is one of those scrupulously honest guys-always compelled to do their best. I have seen his work and it is fabulous. He also makes new basses. Robbie does not have a website [he’s kinda down home] but he can be contacted at [email protected] . He is in the Albany area- if you are within range go there-you will not be disappointed.

    Nick Lloyd [he is one of us] is another up and coming good guy/luthier/bass maker. Nick has had formal education out at Salt lake [I don’t think he is a Mormon-he curses in his e-mails] plus he has studied and been influenced by among others Mike Shank and the great Daniel Hachez [worked forever for Robertson and the only ever gold medal winner in the VSA for bass making]. Nick is planning a website but for now you can contact him at [email protected]. BTW Nick is in Cincinnati.
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