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  1. Hi All,

    Everyone calls my Millsy. I'm a Bass Player from Melbourne, Oz looking to get back into being social outside of gigs.

    Have been a bit quiet lately and just starting to get gigging again. Been playing for about 7-8 years.

    Bit of experience, not lots.

    I generally play Blues. Whether it be Old School, Delta, Modern to Blues Rock. I love it all.

    I have played in heaps of coverbands in the past. KISS, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd but I always get sick of playing rock and pub rock to go back to the Blues.

    Love nothing more than a beer and a gold old Blues Jam.

    Have had lots of gear in my life, at the moment I am playing a heavily modded Yamaha TRB which is still at the shop and an Ampeg combo.

    Cheers, talk to you all soon!
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    Welcome Millsy, look forward to your comments as we all learn from each other.