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New member from Australia

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by surfpurple, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Hi, I'm just starting out on the bass. Been mucking around for six months or so and I've been more serious over the last 3 months. I started on the guitar years ago, and never really got into it. I was always drawn to the 'rhythm' of the songs, hence the bass was a natural progression for me. Now I'm approaching middle age and I'm much more focussed on learning the bass.
    I own a 'cheapish' Fender Squire 'P' bass, and a Yamaha 'B100(III) head with a JBL single speaker box.
    I have been transcribing heaps of songs, and studying from some good bass sites on the net, but I really want to 'talk' to other bassists and learn as much as I can from other bass players.
    I'm loving every aspect of the bass, from playing to studying theory etc.
    So I feel like I'm a sponge at this stage, soaking up everything I can to help me be a better player and musician.
    One specific question I have is 'where would the best site on the net be for accurate bass tablature'?
    I have been on bassmasta, songster, and a couple of others, but I'm not too sure that they're all accurate!
    Cheers, and I hope to contribute a lot around here.