new member with bass talk?

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  1. Hello bass members,

    First i like to say what a great website, For me it gives me a lot of motivation and it's great to be a DB & EB bassplayer but also i'm a equipment freak so this site gives it all.
    My name is Fred and i play in a professional allround
    band in a showbis restaurant in the north of the Netherlands.
    Forgive me for my writting!

    First i read that a lot of DB players with all respect the only talk about light small combo's but you know that headroom is very importent to get a rich clear non distortion sound specialy the DB sucks a lot of energy.
    Oke the GK 150MB is small and weights nothing but does it realy sounds good compare with a something little bit bigger! EB players don't care in most casses and a DB is a bit bigger so?.
    I use the Eden XLT (for the EB)and the new XST 2x10 cabinetfor the (DB) it weights 59 lbs (10 lbs less than the XLT) and you can put it on a piece of wood with weels. Go to the Eden website and check the specs! or see the attach file!
    Also i use a EV power amp Q-66 2x600w ( and still i don't play that loud) and a a preamp the great Focusrite Tone factory, with mic input line input (not together!) noise gate to reduce feedback, great eq's great compressor etc.. see and go to the Platinum serie Tonefactory to see more about it!

    With all my respect the DB players are talking about a clear amp? or speakercabs? or the eq on 12 o'clock? it still has his own colour and it is a matter of taste.
    Everybody has different ears (i hope) the technique&tone in the fingers? it's a cliche but true isn't it? what's best 10"/ 12"/ 15"? a pickup? a mic?
    All the best to surch for that great signal!


    Fred van der Wende
    the Netherlands::help: