No longer available New Mesa Boogie Subway TT-800 2-Channel 800 Watt Amp Head with Footswitch

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  1. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    Hi Guys,

    Selling my brand new (week old) Mesa Boogie TT-800 2-Channel 800 Watt head with Tri-Tube technology... ordered brand new while they had it in stock at Mesa Hollywood. It's clean as new, no gigs, has not left the house. I have all three Mesa heads and this one has got tubes in the pre, and can switch between the Mesa Bass 400+ (Boogie) Tube Channel and the Subway Channel that we've all grown to love over the last few years.

    Since Mesa Hollywood has been closed to the public except for curbside, none of us are able to play these before we buy, so I purchased without testing it against my other Mesa heads. Unfortunately, while this is a KILLER AMP, it's just not the sound I'm looking for for tight funk.. (THIS STATEMENT WAS WRONG, AND OPERATOR/USER ERROR, DUE TO VOLUME ADJUSTMENTS AND THE GAIN(S) on the active instruments used + a variety of other reasons - see reply update below) and the secondary Subway channel overlaps with my other 2 Mesa Heads just enough.

    See my Feedback here and I've also got 5-star Reverb Reviews as a Preferred Seller there / I pack well, communicate well and don't spare any expense. Amp will come Ground - you can see my Reverb Reviews by clicking here -- Reverb Feedback.

    This one comes with a FOOTSWITCH, I purchased separately for $70, this allows you to switch channels seamlessly. It was ordered on the 22nd of June and should be here any day as it's been shipped (see photos), that will be shipped to buyer as soon as it arrives (SEPARATELY). The TT800 is already boxed back up, so it's not sitting out (and was covered for the few days she was out, like all my gear has been treated with respect).

    Anyhow, this amp is out of stock everywhere currently, so if you want it, check out the thread on TB and watch the videos, then hit me up. Sorry, because it's new and comes with the separately purchased footswitch, and I'm fitting the shipping bill, price is firm and no trades. Will be packed in its original box with everything inside it still wrapped as new, smoke free/pet free studio.

    $1049.00 Shipped to Your Door with All Untouched Accessories, registration, manuals and bag (all still bagged up) + the $70 Footswitch (which will also be unopened). Local pickup in CA is okay, will give you $50 off price for local. PayPal okay, you get my cell at time of purchase.

    Will remove if no takers here, just thought I'd give my TB brothers/sisters a shot in case they want it while sold out everywhere.

    Sorry no trades.


    Weight: 12lbs 8oz in Mesa Box without Footswitch (and FS packaging). The Mesa Box/Accessories on its own weighs 5.5+lbs FYI.

    Dimensions: 21" inches x 14.5" x 10" for OEM Mesa Box / Coming from Orange, CA

    IMG_3223.JPG IMG_3222.JPG IMG_3216.JPG IMG_3214.JPG IMG_3213.JPG
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    Jun 22, 2013
    First one posted on the classifieds.
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  3. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    yeah, with a heavy heart and all that sappy stuff but I would hate for it to take a backseat to the other two, which I run master/slave. The D800+ is still my favorite though, for what I play it knocks it out of the park and I should probably just stopped there :) it’s a disease indeed!

    have a great wknd my friend
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  4. punchdrunk

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    Jun 22, 2013
    It seemingly never ends, my good Brother! I feel you on the D800+.. my basic burner D800 has surpassed my needs and expectations.... albeit I will be stepping up to the TT as soon as I can.
    Have a great weekend and stay safe out there. GLWTS
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  5. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    the D800 is the Bomb! Hey man, good enough for Les Claypool, more than good enough for me!! This is a killer head and they went all the way with the TT-800 indeed, definitely one to look fwd to, especially considering the crazy textures on this guy due to the tubes in the pre on both channels :)

    thanks again my man and you too, stay safe out there and keep your head up brother.
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  6. Jman2089

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    Sep 26, 2010
    San Jose, Ca
    Pm sent
  7. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    Still available & Price dropped to $50 off new list price WITH NO TAX and includes $70 footswitch -- SAVE A COUPLE HUNDRED here on TB for the gang.
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  8. Lowendtech

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    Congrats on your new amp. :smug: I’ve had my WD for a year and I’m still finding stuff I didn’t know was there.
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  9. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    Thanks brother, for sure, the WD delivers and as I mess with it more each day, it definitely gives up the goods in more ways than one and over a range of so many genres... I LOVE that amp! Hope you are having a great week and sorry I didn't reply any sooner, it's been a busy one here. Take good care and play yours in great health my friend.
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  10. I guess I need to do the same thing because after playing mine out twice I was convinced I needed to move it this morning.

    I had the original D-800 head. Can you get those clean tones from the TT?

  11. BuhoNevado5

    BuhoNevado5 Supporting Member

    Jun 28, 2020
    New Hampshire
    Hey Sludgetail,
    I just bought one of these via a seller on Reverb and couldn't be happier with it, but I agree, at first, it wasn't what I thought it was going to be.

    A couple weeks ago, I ventured into a local music store, Manchester Music Mill (one of the last independent music stores around and really good folks) to try out some pedals and I asked the clerk if I could plug into the Mesa WD800 using an Epiphone Jack Cassidy bass. I was floored by how good it sounded and thought, maybe I should sell the Markbass Casa head and cab that are taking up too much space in my small prac room. I went online and did a little research and heard some good things about the TT800 and decided to get that instead, but without checking here first, I only saw new ones listed on Reverb, so I ended up getting it, slightly discounted, through Capitol Guitars in St. Paul, MN.

    The head arrived while I was away from home for a few days, but I immediately plugged it into the 8x10 Markbass Casa cab and plugged my Serek Midwestern into it and set the dials to where i "thought" they should go and started playing and said to myself "ok, this might have been a mistake...", but i stuck with it and began tweaking knobs a little more and after about 10 or 15 minutes, i realized i had a little bit of what i missed about the Mesa Boogie Prodigy tube head I had toured with for over a year in Strand of Oaks, but without all the power tube issues I had with that and with more flexibility and power. Switching between the two channels gives different flavors and I could see that this would be great for some players that switch basses or need an alternate sound for certain songs.

    Currently, the Serek is my only bass and it really is all I feel at the moment, since playing out is only a fantasy for a little while longer, but like you, I'm really glad I didn't give up on this so quickly. I'll be curious to hear how it responds to other basses, but I'm hooked now and want to pair it up with the 1x15 and 2x10 cabs.

    Hope you're still enjoying it and anyone else that's curious, definitely give it a shot and take some time to listen to the possibilities.