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  1. I just tried out a mini-stack of the new mini-Ampegs. They seem like they're supposed to be in the same market as Mesa Boogie Walkabouts or Clarus heads. . . super-light weight for small gigs, and definitely in the pro- or semi-pro price range.

    However, from what I heard, they're not even close.

    Either the head or the cab (a vertical 2x10", I think) or both gave the stack an incredibly muddy sound. With a Roscoe and a Pulcinella Level 5, the sound was a horror -- mud, mud, mud. The only bass that sounded good thru this rig was a Spector Czech 4-string, I suppose because the Czech Spectors are so bright and clean.

    So maybe a Zon or Modulus would work too. . .

    However, with non-EMG, soapbar-equipped basses, I found the sound to be totally unusable.

    Other opinions?
  2. BFunk

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    I thought they sounded like an Ampeg. Ampegs were, IMO, never designed to sound hi-fi. I think comparing it to a Clarus is like comparing a '53 Precision to a Fodera. Both sound awesome in the right situation but are completely different beasts.

    My question about them is: are they loud enough for small/meduim gigs, and how will they hold up. My experience with Ampeg is that the QC is pretty poor.
  3. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Hmm...That's too bad. I am pretty big on the idea of smaller / lighter gear.

    I highly recommend Ampeg's B100-R for a portable / relatively light weight / small gig solution.

    It sounds good through the basses I have tried. That includes a Jazz Standard, Deluxe, Precision, Steinberger Spirit, Rogue ABG.... It's sound is versatile, from huge bass, to very articulate and even sounding. And for a tweaterless 15, I think it has a pretty good slap tone too.
  4. I figured they'd suck.

    Jordan, if you want to go with small cabs, you could do a lot worse than the Eden CXM-110. It's not anywhere near as hi-fi as the Euphonic one, yeah, but it's got some real clarity to it.
  5. . . . I'm not just bashing Ampeg. I have owned an Ampeg SVT-III (not the newer "Pro" model) and an SVP-Pro preamp, and finally figured out that I generally like a cleaner, more "SWR" type sound.

    However, the Ampeg "Porta" rig didn't come close to the sound quality of the other Ampeg gear I've owned; I honestly think this was objectively true, and not just a matter of taste. When I chose SWR over Ampeg's SVP preamp, I knew that my choice was based on taste, but that the QUALITY of the units wasn't necessarily a factor.
  6. JoelEoM


    Mar 11, 2002
    Lancaster, PA
    i recently tired their new portabass 10, with the portabass250 head, and i wasnt impressed either. i think it was mainly the fault of the cab however. im used to hearing large volume cabinets, and this one just sounded terribly boxy, and it didnt have a lot of low end presence. perhaps i ask too much of a single 10. i would still like to hear the head thru some different cabinets.
  7. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
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    i recently tried the cabs, and they werent all that bad. nice "ampeg'y" sound. peaky highs with a crunchy midrange.

    but i wasnt bowled over by their Portahead. I'd go with an EA iAMP350 anyday. i'd be curious to hear what an Eden WT400 would sound tho. prolly a great combo for anyone who wants light, and rockin'.