New Mock Turtle Regulator track

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    "Advanced Maths Blues".

    a multiple-bass comedy track documenting the suffering of A-level Maths students.
    it's a sort of parody of the "Get Carter" theme:D

    I decided to leave all the timing errors/flubbed notes on the main acoustic bassline in, given the humorous nature of the track:p
  2. there's another new track up now too- "the search for Rico Alvirez".

    starts out as a bass + drums thing with wah, then goes ambient, with me doing a sort of private detective narration over it.
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    Jan 20, 2002
  4. Josh Ryan

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    Mar 24, 2001
    That was damn cool!
  5. :) thanks guys.

    I'm working on a few other tracks too- I might do more narrations- in a more authentic English accent this time, though:oops:
  6. 2 more new tracks up now-

    "Doin' great"- my Eko hollowbody bass supplying a tubby old-school bass tone over a hip-hop drum loop.
    plus lots of blues guitar fills sampled off an old tape of my big brother.

    "Fluxivity" - another all-bass ambient track with my Hohner TWP600B defretted acoustic providing the main bassline- Warmoth P providing multi-tracked volume swell distorted intro and twin harmony delayed lines, DeArmond doing the wobbly tremolo/phased chordal lines and distorted end.