New motorcycle!

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  1. Well, the day has come!
    After being told all my life by my mother that i could never own a motorcycle i decided that at 29 i was old enough to do it anyway!

    Took the 8 hours course to get my provisional license (valid a year in which i can pass my full test anytime) and bought myself a sweet bike, 2009 FZ6S2 with 3000 miles

    Spent all week riding, did 700 miles in a week

    I have already added a belly pan (the bit hiding the bottom), a seat cowl (the bit hiding the passenger seat), a radiator grill, frame sliders and new mirrors.
    A Leo Vince exhaust, a tail tidy and some smoked turn signals are on their way!
    One thing i love already is how easy it is to work on a motorcycle compared to a car! I changed the oil, coolant, break fluid, it took less then an hour, i didn't have to remove the wheels to bleed the breaks, i didn't have to lie on the ground looking for unreachable bits, everything is there, and easily accessible! Welcome change from my car!

    I love this thing!

    On my second day riding it, i went to the shop to change my front tire, the shop guy tells me "be very careful for the first 100 miles and try not to ride in the rain!"
    Exactly 6 minutes later, i got caught in a downpour, with nowhere to stop, and lots of roundabouts everywhere!
    Man, was that scary!


  2. That's a beautiful bike man - congrats! 600cc 6 speed?
  3. Thanks a lot, indeed it is.
  4. Nice! Have fun and be safe.
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    Looks nice man. Yamaha makes some great bikes, I'm looking very intently on buying an R6 or and R1 myself in a few months.
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    Nice bike. I like the 600's, plenty of power and still light enough to fling around tight corners easily. Have fun, and be safe!