new neck for my sr885?

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  1. ok so i've had this bass (sr885) for about 7 years and i used to mess around with the truss rod A LOT in the past (never knowing what i was doing) and would leave my bass in a blazing hot car for days on end, not to mention the alan screw on the end of the truss rod is almost completely stripped. so now that i am older/smarter (kinda) i think my neck may be damaged (hmm i wonder why..) and i still like the bass, but i want a new neck for it. i found the replacement neck on the ibanez website, but would anyone happen to know how much a new neck would cost (even an estimate)? i have heard of necks costing almost $500 and for that much itd be worth it to get a new 5er... :rollno:
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    Nov 25, 2005
    Just buy a new bass. Don't waste money on this one.
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    May 9, 2005
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    Lets put it this way. Official Fender necks or Warmoth copies are around $250 to $450 (or more). Get into vintage Fender necks and you are almost in the thousand range.

    +1 on buying a new bass.

    Keep this one, give it to your kids, sell it on ebay, or play the last song of your set with it when you go on tour with your first record deal and smash the crud out of it!