new neck on my standard J bass

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    Mar 23, 2000
    okay, i have a Fender Standard Jazz Bass of the five string variety. In case this detail become important, the adjustment for the trus rod is at the headstalk.

    I want to get a new neck for it, a fretless one. I went to warmoth and saw that they had fretless necks that look most excellent, however, i'm not sure if they would fit mine. Not only is mine a standard as opposed to a delux, but also my current neck has only 20 frets while theirs have 22. I'm all for more frets (or less frets considering this would be a fretless neck, you know what i mean), but wouldn't this create some sort of problem? I'm all for any modifications to my bass to make this work, but if anyone seems to know more about this than I do, leave me some feedback or email me at [email protected]

    thanks in advance for all the help that I know you fine people will give me.
  2. Since the scales (34") are the same the only difference is that there are 2 more frets at the bottom of the neck. What this means to you with your standard 5 body is that the neck cut isn't long enough to put the neck on without body modification. That said, there are 2 possible routes for you to take:

    1. This is going to sound weird but you could actually have 35" scale Fender Jazz if you were to put a 22 fret neck directly on your body. The difference in the two necks is just that - about 1". You would simply bolt the new neck on in place of the old. Now - and this is VERY important - to make this work perfectly, you should order your neck without side dot markers. Why? Because you are changing the scale of the instrument. This would only be possible if you are wanting a fretless instrument like you are. Once tuned, the string doesn't know how long it is but the marks on the side of the neck wouldn't match the notes requiring moving them. If you just ordered it without dots, you could do your own after using an electronic tuner to precisely pinpoint the proper location. This may or may not be something to consider but you would have one rare bird - A 35" scale Fender 5 - something no one else has for sure.

    2. The second approach would be to order the wider of the 2 neck options offered by Warmoth. Wider at the heel is what is important because you will have to do a little routing to account for the extra length of the 22 fret board. This is a fairly easy operation for a skilled craftsman. He would make a template for the heel of the new neck and then rout the extra length onto the pocket that exists now. The reason for the wider neck selection is that it will likely make a better fit with the portion of the neck pocket left over from the old neck. I can't guess precisely what the actual difference would be but I estimate that any fit imperfection between the neck and body would be minimal. Then you'd have a 22 fret Fender Standard 5 - again a rare bird that no one else would have.

    Hope this helps