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New Nemesis combos announced

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bmc, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    I wish I could figure out the marketing department at Eden. These amps have been advertised at a number of online sites for a few months now. They issue the press release today and provide a link to their website which hasn't been updated since 2003.


    In any event, the new 320 watt models seem interesting. I have been satisfied with my Nemesis for 5 years now, and I look forward to test driving the new ones.
  2. Having owned a Nemesis 2x10 combo for a few years and played a ton of gigs with it I have to add my approval to these sweet combos. I know this will/might annoy some of the Eden users round here but I found the sound of the Nemesis to be very close to the high-end Eden products - so much so that after some careful consideration about upgrading to one of their pro-line amp heads with seperate speaker etc, I was actually dissapointed by the lack of noticable improvement in sound - so I ended up discovering EBS and bought an HD350 head with a 1x15 with tweeter cab - and it sounds awesome. Saying that I have a real admiration for the Nemesis combos - they offer really excellent value for money and sound - try one if you haven't already - they're very good.
  3. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    I have to mirror your comments. I always fall into the trap that more expensive is always going to be better, but given my circumstance when I bought my Nemesis if satisified the needs, the costs and the cost of shipping it to the Middle East. I am in need of slightly more soundthese days that I think could be accomplished with 4-10's and a moderate increase in power.

    There are lots of attractive amps out there that are powerful, lightweight with positive remarks. I get a growl out of that amp that I don't really want to loose. I tried the SABDDI/poweramp thing and came back to the Nemesis. It breaks up nicely and gives me a tube like distortion that I like.

    I walked past Nemesis amps for years becuase I thought they looked weird, they were different, were and are billed as a budget line of amps. I bought mine based on reviews in BP, Harmony and BGRA. The price was right and I broke down. Other than the usual gassing, I have no valid reason to change, other than my current situations could use a bit more volume.
  4. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Hmmm.... another consideration for a small combo. Are they nixing the 112 model?

  5. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    Good question. And what about the extension cabs? What about the question about additional speakers being run in series and not lowering the impedence and increase in power?

    Everytime I see Kingston, I want to sing out, "New Orleans is sinking man and I don't wan to swim."
  6. The reason I switched was having gigged the Nemesis 2x10 for about 6 years (my second gig with it was on <b>MTV</b> playing live which was great!) the amp had started to sound a bity tired - and even though it could kick out 200 watts RMS it still lacked the real bite and snarl that I love - and wanted as part of my sound - if you haven't tried EBS yet, you are in for a real surprise - I was convinced that a more expensive Eden rig would be the logical step up from a combo - but when I compared the Eden Traveller 350 watt head to an HD350 - the latter beat the crap out of the Eden, it was just amazing - I now LOVE EBS.

    BTW EBS do incredible combos for small gigs - there's one that kicks out 150watts and sounds a bit like an SWR Baby Blue - it's not as cute but for it's size it's utterly awesome!

    The Drome:

    These are amazing - loads more info here:

    <img src=http://www.ebs.bass.se/2001/products/drome/12_big.jpg>
  7. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    EBS stuff is really pricey. Some of the Ashdown stuff looks nice. Swiss prices are just offensive. I am convinced most stores would rather have product gathering dust than selling it. I'm sure it's a cultural thing here as I see used cars that have been on the local lots for the past three years with the same sticker price.

    I have been toying with the new EBS Micro preamp pedal. They can be picked up for under EUR300. I have also thought about getting an EA Wizzy shipped across the lake to run off of it. I know EBS have powered cabs, but they are pricey.

    Interesting comments you make about the Nemesis sounding tired. Lately I have found that it just isn't sounding like it did new.

    I don't know what's next. Maybe Ashdown. Maybe Mark Bass.
    Don't know...the jury is still out.

    Have a good weekend up there. You can tell it's Friday here...the clouds are rolling in and it's starting to rain. Doing a very quiet gig tonight in a pub so small no PA support for the acoustic guitar/singer. Bringing the cheap 30 watt Behringer practice amp. Getting paid with pints of Guinness tonight. Haven't down one of these in long time.

    Have fun.
  8. Hey BMC,

    Just thought I'd conclude our little debate with a personal comment on Ashdown - I think they are good but I don't think they really cut it (for sheer cut through sound and punch) compared to other rigs, I saw and heard a good demo of them at the UK guitar show recently and I'm afraid the EBS stand was making some far better noises - IMO. I'm sorry to hear EBS gear is so expensive in its country of origin - I did get a very good deal on my set up but generally I think it's priced very fairly compared to what you would pay for Eden or SWR - I'd seriously avoid getting into Ashdown - they look alot better than they sound (IMO) try and get some Gallien Kruger gear - or even a Warwick amp set up - depends what style of bass playing you're into - EBS isn't to evberyone's taste either - and I hear what you're saying about stock gathering dust; every time I see some EBS stuff a shop, it seems to have been there for a while! The message about its quality is obviously not getting out there and if nothing else Ashdown have definitely got their marketing right!

    happy hunting - I hope you're gig went well, I was recording with a new band here in south London last night - lots of jazzy house and gospel grooves!