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  1. Upon perusing a small zine from Gainesville, FL that I received free with a recent order from No Idea Records, I glanced at the music reviews section and found that a new genre seems to be on the rise.

    This new genre is known as :Emo-violence. Apparently, it's a combination of emo and power-violence that is more intense than screamo, but maintains the tight girl pants and lip-rings of modern-day emo. I can't find the zine now, but I'm scouring the internet for some examples of this exciting new style.

    If anyone is in/knows of a emo-violence band that specifically exemplifies the genre, post MP3's here!

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    These days, emo as suffix and/or prefix means "slow passages." Dumbasses.
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    The South Park "emo/non-conformist" episode is the greatest thing ever...