New (old) amp ordered. GK MB115 content.

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  1. sunvalleylaw


    Dec 27, 2013
    I am a guitar player and newbie bass player, having just got a Squier VM Jag short scale. I went amp shopping, asking advice here, and after heavily considering very heavy Peavey TNT amps, and a few others, I ordered a used GK MB115.

    After looking around and shopping some, I pulled the trigger on a used Gallien Krueger MB115

    After listening to the sage advice here, and considering my needs, I went for the more modern amp in the much, much lighter package. I started thinking that portability was a big thing here for me, and that the peavey, as much as I believe in Peavey and think I would enjoy that tone, would end up being a pain to try to use, especially hauling around to jams and such. The TC Electronics one looked really cool, but was going to run me about a hundred more than what I paid.


    Ultralight, super-portable power on the go.

    The MB115 bass combo amp from Gallien-Krueger delivers a big sound from an ultralight, compact package. At 35 pounds and 200W, the bass amplifier has the power to be heard in any situation. The GK MB115 also features a 15" speaker, active 4-band EQ with contour, and defeatable limiter.

    200W digital power amp
    15" Speaker
    Active 4-band EQ with contour
    1/8" aux input
    Headphone jack
    Defeatable limiter

    Thanks for letting me pick all your brains on this!