New P-bass bridge replacement - suggestions?

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  1. Hello everyone! First, apologies for my english. Then: In the last weeks I started noticing that my bass was losing intonation and I found out that the screws at the bridge (those that move the saddles back and forth) are not holding their position and they tend to unscrew. I can notice that intonation at the 5th fret (especially 4th and 5th string) ends up being higher than what it should be, 'cause the saddles move closer to the neck. Even if I fix it, it's a matter of few playing hours and they loosen again.
    Now, either I check intonation every time I pick my bass up, or I replace the bridge...I don't think replacing the screws will do.

    So....any suggestion for a strong, stable bridge? My bass is a Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass (5 strings). Thanks!
  2. What kind of condition are the springs in? Maybe they compressed and aren't doing their job.
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  3. I had to really pull the 4th and 5th strings saddles way back than normal to set the intonation right. Springs look like this: 2018-04-23 00.36.16.jpg
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    The bridge can be repaired. Use some blue Loctite on the threads and work the screw in and out until it starts squeaking. They won't back out after that. I don''t have a recommendation for a replacement, sorry.
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