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New P-bass P-ups? Bill Lawrence??????

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by rodl2005, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Anyone know what/how good the Bill Lawrence P Bass pick ups are? Ebay has some OK deals on 'em & I need a decent set for a project bass I'm doing! I saw some with a bar magnet-looked OK & some with ALNICO pole pieces as/ normal 'P' P-ups. Anyone know what they sound like? reliability...etc.. I've got a set of Vintage Fender P's on another bass, & a set of SD 1/4 pounders on another......So.... Views please.:help:
    Or....while we're on the topic..... what are some of the others like...Di marzio's, Mighty-mite?? Wilkinson?? Any views, opinions will be a help!
  2. bkief1


    Dec 25, 2005
    Do NOT purchase those from ebay. I strongly recommend you purchase them directly from Bill & Becky at their website (www.billlawrence.com) $60.00 (USD), and IIRC, overseas shipping is around $28.50. Lead times are quite short these days, usually 2-4 weeks. For added versatility, I'd also suggest you get a bass Q-filter, which will make your tone knob quite the useful tool and you'll achieve a nice palette of usable tones.

    I have the P-46 pickup and bass Q-filter in my DiPinto Galaxie bass and absolutely love it. In the accompanying wiring diagram with the pickup, Bill provides alternate wiring options. My Geddy Lee Jazz is outfitted with his J-45 bass pickups/Bass Q-filter also. Bill's pickups are very clean, transparent, and absolutely noiseless.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Jo6Pak


    May 2, 2007
    I'm also shopping for pups. Checked the Lawrence website as recommended and it doesn't really say anything about those P-46. How do they sound? Clean? Vintage? Bright? What about the output? High/Low/Med?

    Will that Q-Filter fit in the control cavity of a 'regular' P-Bass? Does it replace the tone cap?

    Please expand a bit more, if possible...

  4. bkief1


    Dec 25, 2005
    > "Will that Q-Filter fit in the control cavity of a 'regular' P-Bass?" Yes. The Q-filter, as best I can describe in words, simulates removing turns of coil wire from the pickup, so as I note, your tone knob actually functions very effectively through its complete sweep from 0-10

    > "Does it replace the tone cap?" No. You can use a range Bill suggests...I use a 0.1 microf

    - Plenty of output...no concern there
    - Clean? Yes (and transparent)
    - Vintage? I have found that means too many things to different folks, so I will abstain from answering that. Vintage is affected by so many factors.
    - Bright? Depends on cap you use, plus capacitance and length of cable from bass to amp. My philosophy is that I try and retain as much highs from the bass to the amp, then use my amp to filter them out. When I do need the highs to come through, they are there, I just re-adjust my amp. I use that same philosophy with my guitars. I use Bill's low capacitance cable at about 12' (4 m)

    I play rockabilly, blues, classic rock, garage, Brit invasion stuff with this bass, through a Peavey Bass Amp (1 of those TNT 115) at the studio we practice at, and it sounds great, within the limits of the amp. At gigs, I use an Ashdown MAG-300 C115 with a 2X10 cab.

    You'll also find Bill's pickups are very sensitive to height adjustments. A height adj. screw quarter-turn certainly is noticeable.

    Again, HTH
  5. jmceachern36

    jmceachern36 Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2005
    Cambridge MA
    Does anyone know if the Bill Lawrence P Bass pickups are on the mellow side or more agressive? Do they sound like p bass pickups? Fat mids?

  6. I'm sorry...q-filter? Never heard of it. Google doesn't help. :(
  7. bkief1


    Dec 25, 2005
  8. !Rob!


    Mar 2, 2007
    I have a set of BL j45's in my main bass, and they are simply stunning, I agree with the earlier post to order through Bill and Becky, they are wonderful people. Bass pups are $60us I think, as well they are virtually noiseless. B&B are there for you 100% should you need any advice, tips, diagrams, support, whatever.

    I am about to order another set of j45's for my fretless, as well I think I'll get a p46 and buy or build a bass for 'em.
  9. Thanx guys, appreciate that. What about any other pups.... ?U can see the ones I've tried (from my O.P.) but I'm fairly clueless re any other replacement p/ups.
    Thanx for replies so far..!
  10. 00Funk

    00Funk Banned

    Jul 17, 2006
    Dallas TX
    Theese are fantastic pickups. Especially coupled up with an Audere preamp.
  11. I've got BL J45s in my Modulus VJ4 with a Sadowsky VTC preamp. I love it.
  12. I have had my P46 for about a month now and did not have a P-Bass to put it in until two weeks ago.

    I ran across a really cherry 1993 Squier Precision Korean made 120.00 (don't laugh) Yes plywood body white on white with a maple neck. Really a nice bass.

    I finished it last night!!! Sheilded the cavity in copper tape, new 25K audio taper pots, switchcraft 1/4 jack .1 orange drop cap, new wiring complete! threw on a gotoh grooved base plate bridge and played it last night and it sounds fantastic!!! Total cost 239.00!

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