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new P Bass Pickup for my G&L SB-2

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by toddtodd, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. i am interested in getting a new pickup for my G&L. i have read the G&L's dont have as much "thump" as most p-pickups.
    also this pickup is way too hot for me.
    on my new sunn 1200s w/ the -6db pad on, i can only run the pre amp at 1.5 !

    so i want a vintage style thump? (maybe you could describe this for me more) Pbass sound.

    help me out!
  2. Arthur U. Poon

    Arthur U. Poon

    Jan 30, 2004
    SLC, Utah -USA-
    Endorsing Artist: Mike Lull Custom Basses
    I have a Nordstrand NP-4 pickup in my MIA Standard P-Bass. It has a killer vintage-style tone.
  3. JPJ


    Apr 21, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    Right-on! ;) :bassist:
  4. Rodent

    Rodent A Killer Pickup Lineā„¢ Commercial User

    Dec 20, 2004
    Upper Left Corner (Seattle)
    Player-Builder-Founder: Honey Badger Pickups & Regenerate Guitar Works
    I jump in with a third Hoorah! for the Nordstrands

  5. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    This much is true. Just go ahead and get one. JPJ is the guy to buy from as well. He knows his bass gear, and he is a class act.

  6. Kip Page

    Kip Page Supporting Member

    Oct 28, 2007
    San Diego,CA
    do you want to sell the original split sb-2 pups??
  7. rogypop


    Jan 10, 2009
    more thump than from sb-2 you wont be able to get, maybe different but not more. Change your rig or eq settings, which would be more economical.

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