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  1. Here's the deal. 6 piece band, 3 vocal mics. We need a new PA. Looking at spending <$2000.

    Found some speakers I like:
    Yamaha BR15 Speakers x 2
    Yamaha BR12 Monitors x 2

    This chews up about a grand once you add speaker stands. That leaves me with a grand to spend....

    I need advice on mixer and power amp OR powered mixers. Any suggestions to help narrow it down in my price range?
  2. skinnypete


    Oct 7, 2004
    New York, NY
    My band was in a similar situation. We needed 3 vocals with the ability to run an acoustic guitar or leads.

    We have the same speaker set up you listed and chose a Mackie DFX 6 and a Crown XLS series power amp.

    The mixer has some good built in effects and the ability to run external effects.

    The Crown amp is stereo running about 400W into 4ohms per side so you can run 2 8ohm monitors out of one side and 2 8ohm mains out of the other.

    The mixer and amp together are under a grand-brand new.
  3. Emprov


    Mar 19, 2003
    Our band went with Powered EON 15's and they've been great. Just those, some cables and a board and you're good to go! If I was to do it again, I'd probably go with EON G2 10's and at least one EON sub for the mains, and a few more first gen EON's for monitors. Totally scaleable system! There is a bit of a hiss but not too bad.
  4. You want Yorkville. The 12's I have are only 29 lbs each. they are not plastic-ish sounding or nasal in any way. They have great horn lenses on the tweets and neodyum magnets on the woofs. I paid about 600 for the pair.They are the passive model.

    They also make cool powered subs that are reasonably priced.

    I think Yorkville PA speaks are better than JBL, Mackie and EV, based on price, experience, smoothness of highs and light weight.

    edit and addendum
    carvin powered mixers and stands and stuff seem reasonable. We use newer a Yahama powered mixer but I do not really the sound quality. The levels are too finnicky and hard to tweak. Effects are neat, but I would rather pay for a beefy power supply and decent preamp section than a myriad of digital effects.

    used vs. new
    I would rather have a used powered mixer than used speaks. You can't inspect the voice coils to see if some idiot before you has been frying them. I have seen so many people abusing there speaks into clipping and over-excursion. Pet Peeve of mine.

    monitors will have to wait. Spend your $1,000 wisely. If your drummer needs monitoring use cheap headphones for now.
  5. Emprov


    Mar 19, 2003
    You bring up excellent points. The only reason that we went with JBL over Yorkville is that I was the guy doing the buying and I was looking for used. And, for where we were in the band, low cost was the way to go. Yorkville's seem to be much better.
  6. CrackBass


    Aug 10, 2004
    carvin has a new mixer that is eight channels (full eight with xlrs) two effects processors and like four monitor mixes, also parametric mids, for about $400. or if you want to go really cheap the little blue yamaha mixers are killer for the price, clean too.
    as far as amps, i would get a crown ce2000 for about 600. run the mains off one side and the monitors off the other (don't worry about going stereo). that would push about 300 watts per speaker. the crown is a killer amp i've used one for years. (first to drive our subs, and now in my bass rig since we switched to powered mackies, highly recommended but out of your price range) don't get the 1000 cause you can double the power for 150 bucks or so.

    btw dont expect to get much out of a miked bass drum with that setup but you can always add a crossover, another amp and some subs later.
  7. What model of the Yorkvilles are you getting for 600/pr. I checked some prices and they seem much higher.

    Thanks for the info guys, I'm getting me edumacated.

    EDIT: actually, I just found the Yorkville Y150s for $315 a piece. You think they are worth a $100 more a piece than the Yamahas I listed?
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    I have a rack full of Carvin Power amps and they have never failed me. 4 DCM1500's and they are great. If you want a really versatile monitor mix situation the Carvin C844 is a great little mixer. It gives you 4 individual monitor mixes, and it has mid sweep. I use it for smaller places that don't need a 16 channel mix. Good luck.
  9. 57pbass

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Bayside, New York
    We are using a pair of Bag End TA 5000 for the mains and some crappy monitors. We used to use a rack for power/mixing but it kept breaking down.
    We just purchased a Peavey XR 696 which is 1200 watts and its working out great. We realize the drawbacks but this thing is so easy to move and set up and we just need it for vocals and sometimes the keyboard .. and we work often so we where sick of moving the mixer and power in and out of the clubs...
    It sounds amazing and the Bag Ends make a huge difference. Plenty of volume - we use a seperate peavey for the monitors..its an older model but works fine.

    We paid 1100 for the Bag Ends new... and 600 for the Peavey of e bay..
    A good friend of mine has a Carvin powered mixer and Carvin speaker. The mixer is great but the speakers are not that good...they break up and sound muddy to me.. a few people have commented as well at different venues about the PA speakers. I guess it depends on what your using them for??
  10. GRoberts

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    Jan 7, 2003
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    I use a Mackie CFX12 mixer with built-in effects and either a pair of mackie SRM450 powered speakers for larger venues, or mackie SRM350 for smaller more intimate functions. I get great sound, great clarity, smooth even delivery. Not the cheapest PA on tehe planet, but reliable, quiet and clean. The quality of the Master EQ and Effects on the Mackie Mixer are incredible. That simplifies having to shlep a rack of outboard gear. Granted, the highs on the SRM450's can be a bit edgey, but I find that I can easily settle that down with the EQ.

    The smaller and realtively new SRm350's use a different high end driver and they might actually sound a little smoother. They are great sounding speakers and I liked them much better than the JBK EON's. (which are also great) I just prefer the Mackie's. We typically only run vocals and some ambient drums through the PA. So no need for Subs or huge power. Gary
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    Dec 3, 2003
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    Be sure to check with these guys:

    You have to do the cart thing for their price, but keep in mind that shipping is free, which is a big deal for speaker cabs. Great guys to deal with IME, very experienced and helpful.

    Edit: You might want to check out the Allen & Heath powered mixers too, they look pretty cool. I've also heard good reports on the Yorkville powered mixers
  12. THis is what I have. The NX series.

    Call alan at Crescent City music. He is always broke and makes aggressive deals.

    Maybe some powered monitors and a mixer. You can always add the yorkie sub down the road. He sell yamaha, mack and yorkie.

    Tell him you have a grand for full on PA including shipment and see what he says. The yorks are ordered usually but it only takes a week or so. York NX speaks or powered speaks, stands, cables and mixer or powered mixer. (Actually, you could do that for any store and then just award the deal to the lowest bidder.)