New Pearl Jam Song: "I Am Mine"

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Boplicity, Sep 13, 2002.

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    Pearl Jam are set to release a new CD "Riot Act" November 12, just in time for holiday gift giving. As a preview AOL Music claims to have the only advance listening of one of the new songs, "I Am Mine."

    I dutifully listened as I loved "Ten" and ever since hoped Pearl Jam would make another album I liked as much. For me, "I Am Mine" is a good Pearl Jam song, but not a great one. That is said after only one listening and I could easily change my mind with time.

    The song reminded me just a little of Bruce Springsteen, though. I can almost hear him singing it. Anyway I hope some of you folks will give the song a listen and comment on your opinion, too.
  2. Man....this is pretty old!:D

    A few jamheads like myself have had that song since NY's Bridge School Benefit. I like it, but i do agree that I really miss my old pj's, VS-Years.
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    No kidding!!!! AOL is acting like they have some kind of exclusive. They fooled me. I actually thought I was among the first to hear something really new.
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    I have not heard it! Can anyone direct me to a MP3 clip?