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  1. I'm in the market for a new rig and was looking at Peavey stuff. The 410TVX and the Deltabass head seemed to be good for me. I went to a music store yesterday to try them out but the place was too crowded to try anything. So I would like to know what you guys think about this setup. Commetns about tone, reliability, versatility. Just your opinions. btw, if I do get this rig down the road I might add a 1x15 for more bass. Will the 4x10 suffice and be bassy enough? Don't worry about my style of music of anything like that I just want to know what you guys think of this combo. Please don't say Ampeg is better or something like that because I already know that. :p
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    i had kinda the same worry with just my 4x10. I have a hartke 4x10, and it gets about as bassy as i could want it. It has a real phat bottom end. I mean obviosly you should try it becuase everyone has different opinions on this stuff, but i have no complaints.
  3. moweezil


    Dec 2, 2001
    I would suggest, along with any other person who knows anything about Peavey, AT LEAST a Nitrobass(450 @ 2 ohms, 300 @ 4) or a Firebass, thats if you can afford it. I think the Nitro will probably run only 100$ or so more than the Delta.
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    Nov 23, 2000
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    Yeah, the 4x10 is plenty bassy, It is actually more so than a peavey 15. That sounds like a good rig. If you had some spair dough though I'd get the Firebass instead of the Delta, it will be better in the long run, b/c if you do add another cabinet it will be able to power both.Have fun.
  5. Thanks for the quick responses. The thing is I live in Canada so the deltabass is around $500. I was thinking maybe in a year or two buy a poweramp. A Carvin or something. I've been looking at some user reviews. They said the cab's qualities really shine when they're being given lots of juice. Any input?
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    Apr 17, 2000
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    I used to own a DeltaBass. I really liked the sound of the amp, but it wasn't loud/powerful enough to use with my band. The NitroBass should be a good match with the 410 TVX.
  7. It has come to my attention that I could buy a used Hartke HA3000 for about $530 Canadian. What do you guys think? Enough wattage to be loud? Is it a good deal? It looks like it's in good condition. I haven't tried it yet though.
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    Nov 23, 2000
    Columbia, MO
    $500 is to much for a delta bass! I really don't know if the delta will be powerful enough, it would sound good though, just not loud. In the US you can get a Firebass for that sometimes. I don't have much experiance with hartke so I'm not sure what it would sound like, but that sounds kinda steep too. Do they jack up all the prices in Canada? Why don't you try mail ordering something from the U.S.
    Or maybe Ebay?
  9. Well in Canada our dollar is worth very little. (A mim fender is about $500) So $533 for a used Hartke is a little steep eh? Would the 300 watts be loud enough though? Maybe I can talk them down. Gonna go try more stuff tonight. I'll have more ideas later on.
  10. Hi Chris, I own a 4ohm 410 TXF which is the fuzzy version of the TVX. As these cabinets are not that efficient, you should get the most power you can. Minimum [email protected] That is approximately [email protected] output power from the amp. You will need the headroom if you want to make the cabinet speak properly and compete with any obnoxious 6-stringers and/or skin bashers. I power mine with a Yorkville BM400 head and it is just adequate (I think Yorkville overrate their output specs some). The jam space we use has Firebass heads which are an excellent match for the TVX and if you can afford one, get it. The Deltabass will not drive the cabinet properly and you will be looking for more power real soon.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Any more would be helpful.
  12. Sundogue


    Apr 26, 2001
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    I use a Peavey 412TVX and drive it with a CS800S power amp through a Peavey MAX pre-amp. It might be cheaper for you if you could find a used bass pre-amp and a used power amp in a small rack.

    My advice is not to skimp on power. Better to have headroom than to underdrive your speakers. The Peavey cabs (the newer ones) do like to have alot of power, though they do sound awesome.
  13. mah


    Sep 10, 2001
    spend the extra money and get a nitrobass head with 2 410tvx bottoms it will kick A$$....go a little farther and get a firebass head with those to cabnets:D just make sure both cabnets are rated at 4 ohms
  14. Wxp4759cb


    Nov 23, 2000
    Columbia, MO
    Oh, those prices might not be that bad then. I was thinking in Am. $.
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    The music store I talked to here gave me a quote of $525 on a new FireBass -- a few months later, I ended up getting it for around $450, when they had their big moving sale! :D As BassMasterG stated, go with the FB over the Nitro or the Delta, if you can afford the couple of extra bucks. If and when you can afford to add another cab, you'll be glad you did!

    PS...I like Ampegs too, but there is nothing wrong with Peavey's gear, IMO (of course).
  16. Hi Chris, Sundogue is correct , make sure to have enough power to get what you want without having to max out your amp. If you run that way for any length of time, the amp may shut down through thermal protection, the clipping of the amp may damage the cab and the amp's output devices may burn up. Sundogue's rig sounds like a good point to aim at. I don't know how other's think, but I believe running any amp at 2ohms is asking for trouble. Also, The TVX weighs 97 lbs and does not come with casters. 2 would be too much to move around for me any way. Besides the cab, goodies on the amp like tuner sends and direct outs are something to look for too.
  17. Yeah, I was going to mention something about the price difference between the States and Canada. One American dollar is roughly worth about $1.52 Canadian. That means "face value" prices are basically about 50% greater up here than in the States. However, it's not that American and Canadian dollars have equal purchasing power and we Canadians just pay 50% more, it's just that every monetary unit is measured against the American dollar.

    Our Canadian dollar's value is the lowest it's been for quite some time, if not the lowest it's ever been, so we don't have the purchasing power we used to have. I remember my parents mentioning how they went to Hawaii back in the 70's when an American dollar was worth $.80 Canadian. That made things incredibly cheap! Our dollar's value is now almost half that. For example, it's easy to see how the low dollar makes it hard for Canadian sports teams to flourish: tickets are in Cdn. $, players paid in American $. You can imagine how even a tenth of a cent difference can make a huge impact.

    Anyhow, back to the thread. I too would recommend getting the Firebass instead of the Delta or the Nitro. Extra wattage is the best thing a player can have. It saves your cabinets from your amp clipping, you get more headroom, and the price difference is usually fairly little.
  18. Well I did it. I went to a nearby store and tried out the Deltabass with the 410TVX. It sure was nice. But I decided to give the Nitrobass a try. It blew the Deltabass away. So here I sit writing to you guys while I stare at my new Peavey rig! And does it ever sound great! :p
  19. Hey congrats man!! Be sure to let us know how it works for you in a band situation!
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    Mar 20, 2001
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    Any favorite EQ settings, yet?

    I could tell you a few of mine, to try. :)

    Edit: Who would've known I was replying to this thread? ;)