New Pedal Board Setup??!! (Advice needed)

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  1. topochico03


    Dec 25, 2022
    Hey you guys I just got my first board for Christmas and am looking for advice on how to structure my new set up I'm really new to using pedals I'm curious if any of y'all can help me arrange these in a way that sounds best! I'm going through a rumble in 500 but am getting an 800 here pretty soon and play on a fender jazz. I'm mainly trying to make sure I don't blow my amp or shag anything else up haha.

    In this order i have a MXR studio compressor, Digitech synth wah, Boss GT-18, bass pi big muff, boss equalizer GE-7, Habit by bliss, Rainbow Machine. I am using a mxr iso brick

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    There’s no wrong order. It’s all preference so do yourself a favor and experiment. Every pedal reacts with every other pedal in some way. For me the oddball is the GT18 because that depends which settings you like where you might place it.

    I prefer compressor first from clean bass or tuner then compressor. But again it’s 100% subjective.
    That fuzz may sound better first but generally I go Compressor, EQ/Preamp, dirt, modulation (wah/chorus/phasor), synth (octaves/pitch/glitch), then time based last (reverb or delay). Some folks put the compressor later. I like it first because it’s my leveler for notes and a peak limiter. I don’t use it for attack or sustain enhancement.
    I prefer nothing alters the signal to tuner. Just experiment before you affix anything and have fun
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  3. My only recommendation is the GT1B after your fuzz and synth wah and probably the comp. The stuff the GT1B has that's missing from your board is modulations, delays and reverbs, and those for most applications are better served later in the chain.

    You have an eclectic set of effects there that can get some cool sounds. Traditional order methodology may not even apply all that well.
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  4. There are no wrong answers, it may take some experimentation. But, generally you want compressor first, distortion/fuzz/overdrives next, then timed effects like delay and reverb, and last modulation pedals like flangers. If you have a pedal that does a combination of these things, then think about how you will use mostly for and try it there.