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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by skwee, May 11, 2016.

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    Apr 2, 2010
    So, my guitarist/fiddle player and I were trying to figure out how to better balance our guitar loads. Bringing two axes to gigs was getting me down, so I went looking for an octave pedal to enable me to solo a bit, and support other songs occasionally.

    I went in figuring I'd pick up a Pog 2, though not without a smidge of trepidation, having read that the effect loses itself a bit when left on for awhile.

    I tried a Pog 2 first, then tried the micro Pog, but it had a bad input jack, so I asked at the counter for options, and the kid pointed out the T-Rex Octavius, which he himself owned and really liked. It was marked down to 199 (and still new in the box-I got to try out a separate floor model for awhile).

    Super happy with the pedal. It tracks nicely, gave me exactly what I needed for a faux guitar solo using the upper octave, and the lower octave sounds pretty nice--I may use that for some techno stuff at some point. It has a small amount of synthetic character, and even a pleasant overdrive when I dug in to my bass tonight at practice.

    The deciding factor for me on this pedal was the boost switch--something I wish I had picked up already to use on bass solos. The boost seemed pretty clean to me (maaaybe EQed a little warmer than the original tone--but didn't get overly muddy or anything)

    Happy I got to cash in some gift cards on this one!
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