For Sale New Phil Jones Bass Compact 4 Speaker Cab - No Tax!

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    You want great “Tone To Go” that weighs just 29 lbs? Ask me about no state sales tax!

    Today’s bass players demand more portable rigs without any compromise in performance. The Compact 4 has a small foot print while providing the ultimate in high end audio performance. It is constructed from the finest materials including Baltic Birch plywood and a rigid internal bracing design that keeps cabinet coloration to its lowest. The four 5 inch “Piranha” drivers feature a ferrite magnet structure for superior dynamics, extended bass response, and punch/attack.

    The Compact 4 reproduces effortlessly the true tone of any bass or player with unparalleled sound that will become more prominent and inspiring to you, your band, and your audience. Physically, the Compact 4 has unmatched flexibility and portability and is capable of being used alone or in stacked multiples.

    Your price in Canada is $760 Canadian

    C4 BLACK.jpg Photo May 15, 11 51 15 AM.jpg
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