New Piano trio w/Burton Greene & Ra Kalam Bob Moses

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  1. New CD Burton Greene / Damon Smith / Ra Kalam Bob Moses
    A new piano trio featuring two absolute giants of the music, Burton Greene & Ra Kalam Bob Moses out today on great Austin label Astral Spirits. You can get it from me:

    or the label:
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    Holy skronkin' hotcakes, Damon!

    A long time ago I got to play with Bob Moses for an evening. He talked, not boasting but only because it came up in conversation, about his experience as a youthful protege of Charles Mingus. I later realized that he might have been one of the inspirations for Nat Hentoff's Jazz Country.

    I know that when you play with people whose records we've grown up with, people who played with giant figures in jazz music, you support the artist, enjoy the service and don't wallow in history which is absent from the moment.

    But somebody needs to note that you just hit a loping, swinging, classic Mingus pace playing bass with a musician who played with Charles Mingus, Damon. We can hear some joy there!
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    Good listening!!! There's got to be a movie sound track in there!
  4. Ra Kalam has a lot of nice Mingus stories. It is great spending time with him and hearing about all the things he was able to do. He is also quite young (considering his history) having just turned 70.
    Playing with him is as good as it gets. It has been great to come to him as a student, but, also bring things to the table. He has been very generous with his ideas and experience with time and rhythm and I am much better musician because of it. He likes all the sounds and prepared bass I do, but, thinks I change ideas too quickly. I think the way he handles the quick changes is outstanding! His feel and sound concept is unmatched.

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  5. dhm


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    Moses has such a DEEP sense of swing! Sorry to hijack the thread but he does "How Deep is the Ocean" with Abbey Lincoln and Steve Kuhn on one of his records and it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard...
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  6. He lived in a building where she lived with Max Roach when he was a kid. Mingus lived there, too. He has lots of stories from that time. That Steve Kuhn band with Sheila Jordan, Harvey S and Moses was great as well!
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  7. 0016469328_38.jpg Tapes of this release are in stock and ready to ship, there are still some CDs but going fast.

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    Bob has moved to Memphis and my amateur ass just got to play a gig with him, and holy hell… I felt nervous as hell, but he was super cool. Dude gave me more stuff to think about in the hour after the gig than I’ve been hit with in a long time - What a heavy guy! I don’t know whether to go practice right away or give up bass entirely and switch back to horns, lol. My mind is reeling... Damon, he spoke super fondly of you and wants me to check out your stuff (particularly the prepared bass stuff) more deeply. Looking forward to it!
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  9. Man that is great! He is super free with his information - you can't be around him and not learn something if you are listening. We are working on a duo album that should be out early next year with his art on the cover!
    Playing with him is super easy - with time that deep anything you hear and play with confidence is going to work.
    His stories are deep, too - everything from Mingus to Jaco to Richard Pryor.
    Probably my favorite time of 2021 was the couple hours we spent recording in Sept.

    bpa 15015_Moses-Smith_CVR1.jpg
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  10. JBarz

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    Mar 6, 2015
    Yeah, that's the one! Before last night, he said he hadn't played kit since that session, which he said he absolutely loved. I can't wait to dig on it!
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